Movie ‘Evil Twin’, in theaters, has a surprising ending

“Evil Twin” leaves some clues in the first sequences, but after the film seems to go through a certain style of the horror genre, we are surprised by its ending.

Now showing in cinemas, the feature rotates 180 degrees at the moment when the spectator believes that he already has full recognition of the terrain of references present in the narrative.

The clearest quotes in the film by Finnish Taneli Mustonen bring the story closer to the classics “Rosemary’s Baby”, by Roman Polanski, and “The Shining”, by Stanley Kubrick.

The protagonist’s relationship with the inhabitants of a locality in Finland – where she will live after losing her son in a car accident – is, from the beginning, marked by strangeness.

Locality that, for the most part, is formed by older people, who seem to keep a big secret. And her husband, who was born in the region, is increasingly attracted to them.

Teresa Palmer’s character soon realizes that something is wrong and that her other son, the deceased boy’s twin, may be involved, especially after his strange actions.

Elliott seems to talk to Nathan and assume some of his brother’s characteristics, while the father doesn’t show any affection for the boy, being completely absent from his life.

This is the “Shining” side of the film, with the house becoming a supernatural being, as well as an evil being coming to light and explaining what happened to that community in the past.

At the moment when the intersection of this information becomes more palpable, “Evil Twin” introduces new and different ingredients – although they manifest themselves very quickly.

It is, without a doubt, a the end with a pedigree, not unheard of, but interesting enough to escape the ramerrão of the genre, which seeks the easy path of the most explicit horror.

“Evil Twin” has few special effects, guaranteed by the growing mystery and our fear around the unknown, following the primer of “Rosemary’s Baby”.

The film’s problem is the wobbly pacing, with Mustonen stretching in certain situations, giving the impression that the script winds us up a bit until we reach the apotheotic ending.

Despite the hasty way in which it is constructed, the film delivers an ending that takes place entirely in the psychological and real field, elements that make many people fall out of their seats.


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