Netflix releases deleted scene about Luke’s past Rolling Stone

Deleted scene shows conversation between Luke and Cassie about the soldier’s relationship with his father

The purple hearts were warmed by the Netflix! This Wednesday, the 24th, streaming released through social networks a deleted scene from Continuity to Love (2022), novel based on the book of the same name purple hearts (2017), from Tess Wakefield.

The scene in question explores the dark past of Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitizine) with your father, Jacob Morrow (Linden Ashby), who also served in the United States Army. In the take, it is possible to see the supposed room of the marine in the parents’ house, as he talks to Cassie (Sofia Carson) about the past and the agreement that brought them together.

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Continuity to Love is the most successful film in the Netflix this year, reaching the milestone of 150 million viewing hours in just one week. The romance surpassed the millionaire bet of streaming, hidden agent (2022), with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas.

Last Tuesday, the adaptation of Elizabeth Allen Rousenbaum also entered the list of the most watched films in the history of the digital platform, occupying the seventh position and surpassing great titles, such as the irish (2019), from Martin Scorsese.

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More about Continuity to Love (2022)

Continuity to Love tells the story of Cassie Salazara young liberal, aspiring singer (Sofia carson) and Luke Morrowa devoted patriot with a dark past (Nicholas Galitzine).

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To solve personal problems and escape the reality in which they find themselves, getting married seems to be the only solution; both of them just didn’t expect that the red and blue heart would turn purple. The film is available in the catalog of Netflix in over 150 countries.

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