Olivia Wilde comments on Harry Styles’ salary in her movie

Olivia Wilde denies that Harry Styles received more money than Florence Pugh to make the movie “Do not worry, dear”. The rumor gained the press recently, for the popstar status of Harry. But actually, although he is the male protagonist of the film, it is Florence the true protagonist of the story.

Olivia Wilde comments on Harry Styles' salary in her movie
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“There’s been a lot of gossip that I don’t pay attention to. But clickbait nonsense and the subsequent backlash [das pessoas] to a non-existent pay gap really pissed me off. I am a woman and I have been in this business for over 20 years. It’s something I’ve fought for myself and for others, especially being a director. There is absolutely no validity to these claims.”Olivia tells Variety.

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The news about the pay gap between Harry Styles and Florence Pugh was released by the website Showbiz Galore. According to him, Florence Pugh would have received $700,000 to do “Do not worry, dear”While Harry Styles would have pocketed US$ 2.5 million. Warner Bros. did not comment on the rumor.

What is “Don’t Worry, Honey” about?

He warned!  Harry Styles appears having sex in movie stills
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In the movie, Florence Pugh it’s Alice and Harry Styles is Jack, a couple who live in a planned community of Victory, an experimental city that is home to the workers of the top-secret Project Victory and their families. It’s a desert utopia, set in the 1950s.

Everyone’s life is perfect, with their needs met by the company. In return, discretion and unconditional commitment to Project Victory are required. Until Alice starts to wonder what exactly is done in Project Victory.

The film hits theaters on September 22, but before that it will be shown at the Venice Film Festival.

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