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In edition #199 of the “Mundo da Luta” podcast, boxing asked for passage with the participation of four-time world champion Acelino “Popó” Freitas and Olympic champion Hebert Conceição. Under the command of producer Marcelo Russio and with the presence of narrator Bernardo Edler and producer Zeca Azevedo, they talked with the two boxers and even analyzed UFC 278, which ended with the underdog in Leon Edwards’ victory against Kamaru Usman. (Listen to the exclusive interview with the two fighters in the player below).

In Popó’s participation, he commented on the planned fight with MMA legend Pelé Landi-Jons at Fight Music Show 2, which takes place on September 25 at Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba. Soon after, on October 27, the 46-year-old Bahia fighter fights in Miami with Argentine Marcos “El Chino” Maidana.

José Aldo and Acelino Popó Freitas exchanged provocations over the last few months — Photo: Arte ge

But Popó really fired it was against former UFC champion José Aldo, who last Saturday lost to Merab Dvalishvili at UFC 278. The two exchanged barbs right after the fight in which Popó defeated comedian Whindersson Nunes, having challenged Aldo in the sequence. The UFC fighter called Popó old and pot-bellied in TV shows and podcasts.

– I don’t know why he said that, there was no media, there was no scheduled fight. When I challenged him in the ring, I should thank him: “if the guy challenged me, the four-time world boxing champion challenged me live, it’s because I’m good, it’s because I’m the guy”. I’m not going to challenge any live dead chicken with an audience up there. Only he thought it was an offense. What did he do? He arrived on (program by) Danilo Gentili and said that I was fat, that I couldn’t take down Whindersson Nunes because he was old, and he lied. I said: “did he not see the fight with me and Whindersson Nunes?” But today, if he wants to fight, even if he pays and invites me, after his last fight, I’ll never fight him. If I fight him, I’ll get burned.

Popó criticized Aldo’s performance last Saturday, when he was easy prey for the Georgian opponent’s grappling game. With the defeat and the end of the streak of three victories, the Brazilian dropped from third to sixth place in the bantamweight ranking, staying away from the title dispute.

– If he challenges me now and they set up Fight Music Show 3, Popó x José Aldo, I won’t go for any money. The last fight he had, if I fight him I’m going to burn myself because he was so bad, the fight he did was so ugly. That one is not the fight of a champion, of a guy who spent ten years with the world title, more than ten years undefeated. I’m not even going to stop! José Aldo, give up, I don’t want to fight you anymore. You are beautiful to me now, you are no longer ugly (laughs). I don’t want to fight you anymore, because after that fight you did, my name will only burn.

Hebert Conceição beat Danny Mendoza in his professional boxing debut – Photo: Reproduction/Combate

In the participation of Hebert Conceição, the Bahian fighter analyzed his debut in professional boxing two weeks ago, and also talked about his national debut in the professional boxing he will make next Friday. He faces Francisco Neves at the Bahia Sports Arena, in Lauro de Freitas, broadcast live on Combat from 8pm.

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With no competitors, naturally, the knockout of the week went to England’s Leon Edwards, who beat then-champion welterweight Kamaru Usman in the fifth round last Saturday, at UFC 278, in Salt Lake City. He fired a high kick that hit the Nigerian squarely, who was already knocked out.

Candidates for the end of the week

Nurtilek Jalynbekov – Straight Kneebar (Suloev stretch) at Open Fighting Championship 22

Nikita Podkovalnikov – calf lock at Open Fighting Championship 22

Bubba Jenkins – rear naked choke in PFL semifinals

UFC debuts in Paris and you can see it live in Combat!

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