The incredible story of Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis

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  • From Bled (Slovenia) to BBC News Brazil

Canvas illustrating the death of Napoleon, made by Carl von Steuben

Credit, Public domain

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Canvas illustrating the death of Napoleon, made by Carl von Steuben

Stored in a small leather box, deteriorated and dried by time, a human penis is kept under lock and key by the daughter of an American urologist. Measuring 3.8 centimeters, the human fragment is considered a bizarre relic. It would be the sexual organ of French statesman and military leader Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), one of the best-known political personalities in human history.

There is more mystery than confirmation about the curious piece. Author of an article on the subject, historian Vítor Soares, who maintains the podcast História em Meia Hora, tells BBC News Brasil that, when it comes to this, “things are not so consensual”.

“Although for a long time people were sure that the penis was his, there is the possibility that it is not. It has never been proven that it really is,” he points out.

Researcher member of a group at Universidade Estadual Paulista and professor at Colégio Presbiteriano Mackenzie Tamboré, historian Victor Missiato has a similar opinion. “It is difficult to prove that, in fact, this penis belongs to Napoleon Bonaparte, because there is no study linking the genetic material of this penis with that of Napoleon’s remains, buried in France”, he argues, in conversation with the report. “Nowadays, with the technologies available, it would be possible, it would be worth it.”

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