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Marina Benzaquem

Marina Benzaquem

Thai de Melo created a humorous character and is one of the entrepreneurs who is bringing freshness to the market

The statement “The Future Is Female” was printed on a t-shirt worn by Cara Delevingne in 2015. Although it was first born in the 1970s, with the model and actress the phrase took on great proportions and even became history in “The New York Times”. In Brazil, in addition to creating statements with their looks, six women from different professional areas – fashion, entertainment, communication, product development and executive management – ​​make a difference every day. Carol Yoo, Karine Amancio, Thai de Melo Bufrem, Juliana Montesanti and Milena Penteado come to prove that, if the future is feminine, so is the present.

Milena Hairstyle

For Milena Penteado, in a winning team, yes, it does. Executive Director of Arezzo & Co., she has just launched the clothing line by Schutz, the group’s brand that is already a national success with its shoes and that, in this new phase, brings contemporary and versatile clothes. “Even when everything is going very well and everyone is hitting a goal, we look for opportunities,” she says. Milena joined Arezzo in 2009 to handle the international operation of the holding’s brands and founded Alexandre Birman with her own. Her behavior and work ethic are encouraged by the women in her life, especially her grandmother Lina Penteado. Before passing away, the artist gave her granddaughter an inspiring message: “She said she really believed in my potential for leadership”. In her routine full of appointments and meetings, Milena keeps in mind her role as a woman in a high leadership position – she commands a team of more than a thousand people. “I know that I am an example that will inspire or disappoint many generations.” To work with it, you need to go beyond the job description. Also, for Milena, being passionate about what she does, as she is, is essential.

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Carol Yoo

Carol Yoo was 24 years old when she came to Brazil from New York to accompany a fashion show for the family brand, Amissima. It was February 2020, and days after his arrival, the world closed. The pandemic accelerated the girl’s plans, who already considered working at the company founded two decades ago by her mother, Suzana Cha. Passionate about fashion, Carol studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, interned at brands such as Prabal Gurung and Tibi until landing at Japanese giant Uniqlo. There, she learned all about processes, organization, basics and fashion with technology. She arrived at Amissima doing a little bit of everything and now has her own design team focused on trends and research. Despite being born in Brazil, the culture of South Korea inherited from her family was always spontaneous for Carol, who, since she was a little girl, consumed films, series and music from that country. “Now K-pop is booming, but I’ve been listening to it for a while,” she jokes. From the same culture also come the work ethic, discipline and dedication. “In the family, everyone always worked; It influenced me a lot and kept me going.” Observant, introverted and very polite, Carol believes that organization and the will to make a difference cannot be lacking in a successful team.

Thai by Melo Bufrem

For Thai de Melo Bufrem, it is difficult to define his work in a few words. With great intimacy with the camera, she poses, acts, creates and entertains. The only label she is reluctant to fit in is that of influencer, because, according to her, “it’s not something you choose, it’s the consequence of a job”. Willingly or not, Thai influences – a lot. Relatively “small” by digital standards – it has “only” 150,000 followers –, has worked for brands such as Gucci, Havaianas, Estée Lauder, Levi’s, Jo Malone, Lancôme and Tiffany & Co. Assiduous figure in fashion campaigns, she created a versatile and good-humored character who is increasingly successful. When I ask what Thai is and what is character, she replies that it’s all mixed up, but that the internet version is a more edited version of her. “The internet feels weird. When we look at Instagram stories, it seems like the person posts their whole life, but if we add that many dots, the most you can post there is 15 minutes a day.” Thai is planning a play about, lo and behold, work. This is all to show another facet of the artist, which goes far beyond the 15 minutes – of stories or fame.

Karine Amancio

Karine Amancio loves to work in a team. When she talks about her work, she uses the collective “we”. The “we” in question is the communication center of the JHSF group, owner of Shopping Cidade Jardim and responsible for representing several international luxury brands in Brazil, a team Karine has been part of for two years. In addition to PR, Karine accumulates the role of accessories editor in the mall’s quarterly magazine and has a monthly column on the company’s online platform. Determined, since childhood Karine knew that she wanted to work with communication and fashion. Born in São Paulo, she worked with TV in the interior of the state, before returning to the capital with a dream: “I wanted to be able to travel the world with communication”. This year, she went to Paris Fashion Week for the first time and fulfilled an old wish. Karine realized that she was the only black fashion PR woman she was aware of. She takes this as a possibility, not a burden. “I get messages from black girls who work as PRs or who want it and who see me as a reference.” A responsibility that she carries with lightness and seriousness. “I don’t want to be the only one; I want this opportunity to be reflected in many others.”

Juliana Montesanti

Juliana Montesanti is known for being Bruna Marquezine’s manager at the time when the actress made an international expansion. Indeed, the newly won role of Bruna in the movie “Blue Beetle” – a new feature from DC Comics in Hollywood, scheduled to premiere in 2023 – is something exceptional, but the woman behind – or beside – the feat has a rich trajectory. which explains a bit how she got here. The experience in communication agencies gave Juliana enough background, in addition to an extensive networking network, to found her own company, Coolab, in 2018. With around 30 agencies, the company takes care of the careers of artists and influencers of 360º mode, dealing with online presence, relationship with brands, contracts, public relations and all the details. Ju makes a point of adding a family touch to everything she does. “At the end of the day, we are dealing with people’s dreams, right?” Indeed, she is reputed to have an almost maternal instinct with her clients, an impulse to protect them from incessant judgment and the often cruel media. The agents, who have a lot of collaborative freedom, are grateful. “I find the almighty stance of some agents old and tacky.”

Julia Petit

Julia Petit is a tireless creative mind. So tireless that when she decided to take a gap year, she decided to renovate her entire house. “I was on the job for a year”, she laughs. Disconnecting is difficult for her, who has worked since the age of 15, first in an advertising agency, then with music production, until reaching the Petisco, her fashion and beauty website that made her (even more) known. His most recent venture is Sallve, a skincare brand founded in 2019 with partners Daniel Wjuniski and Marcia Netto. The passion for product development started in 2014, when Julia launched a collab with MAC Today, she is the chief creative officer of Sallve, a digital native company that aims to bring affordable, quality skincare products. One of the pillars of the brand is direct contact with the consumer, which is why Sallve has invested in sales in pharmacies and is present in more than 400 units in 12 Brazilian states. “The Sallve community really wants us to be close to them,” she says. Despite the many twists in her life, Julia is cautious. For her, change is about “preparing, taking it slow and counting on what can go wrong”. She adds that adding makeup to Sallve’s fan is inevitable. “Face washed is popular folklore.”

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