The Terrible Romance Even the MCU Wants to Forget

Apparently the creators of the story regretted creating the bond between these two characters so much that their story is being left aside in new Marvel productions. Check out all the details on the weirdest romance in the MCU.

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Captain America and Sharon Carter’s Romance Has No MCU Impact

Despite being featured in part of Captain America’s (Chris Evans) story, the romance between the hero and Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) was irrelevant to the MCU.

A defining feature of Steve Rogers’ history in the MCU is his love for Peggy Carter. This was reaffirmed in Avengers: Endgame when it is shown that Captain America wanted to grow old with Peggy. Although Marvel confirmed that Captain America was not a virgin, they decided to ignore an odd part of his romantic past.

That’s because he always wanted to be with Peggy, which he was able to do after returning the Infinity Stones. Their ending was almost perfect and one of the most ideal endings in cinematic history.

Captain America’s true love in the MCU is Peggy Carter. However, the only other romantic interest he received in the films was Sharon Carter, Peggy’s niece. Although Captain America wasn’t aware of his connection to Peggy when he became interested in her, they ended up taking their relationship even further in Captain America: Civil War.

Even after Steve realized that Sharon and Peggy are linked by blood ties, his feelings haven’t changed.

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Mentioning the romance between Steve and Sharon makes no sense for the MCU; understand

In She-Hulk’s post-credits scene, Smart Hulk reveals Captain America’s 1943 loss of virginity to a mysterious girl during a USO tour.

She-Hulk doesn’t include Sharon in her conversation about Captain America’s intimate life and that makes some sense.

Captain America and Sharon Carter shared a romantic kiss in Captain America: Civil War, but never progressed beyond that. Also, Bruce Banner probably didn’t know that Sharon Carter was romantically linked to Steve Rogers because he wasn’t on Earth at the time.

Neither Jennifer Walters nor Hulk knew about Steve and Sharon’s past when they mentioned it during an argument in the post-credits scene. As the two have probably never met, it is unlikely that either of them knows who Sharon Carter is.

Consequently, neither Hulk nor Jennifer Walters is in a position to make assumptions about romantic associations between Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter.

Marvel leaving Steve Rogers’ romantic past out of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is interesting. This could indicate that the company is willing to ignore parts of Captain America and Sharon Carter’s history. Including Captain America’s virginity in his romance with Peggy Carter hurt their relationship more than referencing him kissing Sharon at this point.


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