USA. ‘Mystery’ virus is killing dozens of dogs in Michigan

uA ‘mystery’ virus is killing dozens of dogs in the US state of Michigan this month.

With symptoms similar to canine parvovirus, caused by parvovirus, the disease appeared in Otsego County, eventually spreading in northern Michigan.

Manifesting itself through intestinal problems such as vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy, the ‘mystery’ pathology has already caused the death of 30 dogs, according to Clare County authorities to USA Today.

“The state is in a panic,” said the director of the animal control unit in that region, Rudi Hicks, in statements to Clare County Cleaver.

“It resembles parvovirus, but all the dogs are testing negative. All the dogs died, vaccinated and unvaccinated,” she added.

The entity believes that the virus will have originated in Louisiana, victimizing the animals three to five days after they contracted the pathology. Most of the affected dogs were under two years old, according to the Otsego County Animal Shelter.

Along these lines, animal control recommended that the population keep animals at home, away from other dogs, reiterating that, at the moment, there is no vaccine or cure.

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