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With one more qualifier in sight, the Americas RMR already has more than half of its participants defined. Last Monday (22), THE PLAN guaranteed a spot in the tournament that gives a spot to the IEM Rio Major 2022 and shared the moment of celebration.

The classification came last Monday night, after playing the best of three series (MD3) against Flow. After beating Adriano’s team”WOOD7” Cerato by 2 to 1, the team showed all the excitement of its athletes – which could be seen during the squad announcement press conference – when celebrating the vacancy in the RMR.

We are at RMR, it’s THE PLAN! In the greatest humility in the world, without disrespecting anyone. The PLAN is much bigger than a team of 6, we play for everyone who is part of it! See you at RMR, and let’s take this spot“, tweeted Gabriel “nekiz“Schenato after the conquest.

The video was released by Karine Dutra, Vito’s wife “kNg” Giuseppe, who recorded moments after the team’s victory. Check out the video:

The organization has been fighting for a spot in the most important championship at the moment within its training center. Based in the north of São Paulo, the team faced the 9z Team in the grand final of the qualifier, but ended up falling by 16×8.

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