Who is the cryptocurrency influencer investigated by financial pyramid

Owner of the catchphrase “Let’s make history and period”, the digital influencer and entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency sector Philip Han, 40, maintains a routine of ostentation on social networks, watered by luxury clothes, preferably from the brands Gucci and Louis Vuitton. , jewelry, sports cars and international travel, always first class.

Philip Han and his wife, also digital influencer Carla Moreira Han, aged 34, were the target of a search and seizure operation on the morning of this Tuesday, 23, at the luxury condominium Tamboré 10, in Santana de Parnaíba, city of Big Sao Paulo.

They are suspected, among other activities, of financial pyramid practices and money laundering through asset managers that operate throughout the country without an operating license.

The couple would be behind, according to the police, at least six companies investigated for financial pyramid practice: WCM777, Mr. Link, ifreex, Fx Trading, F2 Trading and My Hash – the last three, promising profits of up to 50% on capital contributed through speculative transactions with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).


In recent years, Philip and Carla Han have been dividing their lives between two cities: Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and their own home in the Tamboré neighborhood, in Santana de Parnaíba.

On July 7, according to data obtained by the report with the Federal Police, they landed at Guarulhos International Airport, after a seven-month stay abroad. It was the opportunity that the police found to question the couple, since it was likely that they would return abroad.

In the last four years they left Brazil for the United Arab Emirates at least five times, always for long periods. Last time, they came to Brazil after almost five months away, stayed for the end-of-year festivities and returned to their destination in Asia, for another seven-month journey.

Police suspect that the couple sets a pattern for an eventual escape. The United Arab Emirates does not have an extradition agreement with Brazil and, in recent years, they have become the destination of other suspected embezzlers, similar to those the couple are suspected of.

Bitcoin and cash

The couple maintains the same custom both abroad and in Brazil: recurring purchases involving large amounts in designer stores and jewelry stores. Documents obtained by the report reveal invoices in excess of R$100,000. On a single occasion, Philip Han spent R$ 156,150 on a Gucci unit. He paid R$70,830 in cash. The operation raised suspicion from the supervisory bodies since, by law, the store had to report the transaction to the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf).

There are two types of communication sent to Coaf. The most common is the Communication of Operation in Species (COE), which is a notification sent automatically by the sectors required by law to send information to the agency whenever a customer makes a cash transaction above R$ 50 thousand.

The other is the Communication of Suspicious Operation (COS), sent when the so-called obligated sectors perceive signs of money laundering, financing of terrorism or organized crime and other illicit activities in their clients’ negotiations.


On Instagram, the couple parades part of these acquisitions and shares travel photos. Philip Han also records his favorite activity: motor racing. What you see is the influencer posing or driving a luxury car collection that passes through Lamborghini, Mercedes and Ferrari.

This hobby of Philip Han has been known for a few years. Between 2018 and 2019, he attended sports car fairs and meetings in São Paulo. It was a habit to find collectors who parked their cars in the parking lot of a shopping mall in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in the west of São Paulo. In 2019, with the end of the FX Trading operation, he put his Ferrari up for sale and, according to one of those collectors closest to him, he moved to Dubai.

understand the case

The six companies investigated for financial pyramid practice, according to the Civil Police investigation, were launched and discontinued sequentially over the last nine years. All promised investments in products related to technology or crypto assets and bet on the multilevel marketing model to quickly gain scale.

Multilevel marketing is a business modality that involves the direct sale of products. In addition to the resellers themselves engaging in sales, they build networks of associated collaborators and start to receive commissions on the group’s entire turnover.

According to the investigators, however, the journey of these companies invariably ended with investors writing police reports because they believed they were victims of embezzlement.

The practice of financial pyramids is a criminal scheme in which new investors pay for the high earnings of the old ones, until the business “busts”, when the new money that comes in is insufficient to sustain profits.


In 2019, after a report by the Estadãothe Civil Police launched an investigation to investigate the complaints of investors who said they were deceived by Philip Han.

At the time, he had closed the funding of FX Trading, which promised 1.5% of profit per day for the investor. He justified the return from day trader operations in the options market (buying and selling bitcoin futures contracts) and international currency arbitrage techniques, which consists of buying cheap in a country with high liquidity for the asset to sell more expensively. in another, with less liquidity.

According to Han himself, in social media posts at the time, FX reached the 2 million investor mark. The report witnessed a brand convention at the Vibra show house (formerly Credicard Hall), in the south of São Paulo. The event brought together about seven thousand people, the maximum capacity of the house until then.

The following month, Han announced the closure of the company and the launch of a new one, F2 Trading. Some investors who did not migrate to the new version accused problems with withdrawing their investments, treated by FX as technical problems.

The report tried telephone contact with Philip Han and Carla Moreira Han, but was unsuccessful.

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