3 myths about Android phones

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With the advancement of technology, more and more options of cell phone models and systems were appearing on the market, isn’t it? Today, the ones that stand out the most are iOS and Android.

However, although there are many more devices with the system developed by Google, there are still many myths about its use and functioning. Check below the most known myths about Android phones and see how they are not always true.

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3 myths about Android:

Android is very difficult to use

There is a very common myth among iOS users that is about the usability of Android devices. In general, people who have not had contact with the system find it very difficult or even complex. However, it is important to understand that this can vary greatly depending on the device, as different brands use the same operating system.

In short, a Motorola Android phone may be a little more complicated to handle, however, the Google Pixel ones are much friendlier.

Android is not secure

Other “fake news” quite common is that Android devices are more susceptible to catching malware. However, nowadays they are very similar to Windows, for example. Therefore, it is something that just needs to be used intelligently, without accessing suspicious links or opening emails from strangers. In general, it is not even necessary to use an antivirus.

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Android phones are cheaper

Commonly, you can find Android devices for more affordable prices. After all, brands have versions for all audiences, whether entry-level, intermediate or advanced. It is precisely in the latter group that this myth loses its meaning, as the devices start to cost a lot, with values ​​equal to or greater than iPhones, for example.

That’s why you can’t compare any Android device with an Apple device, but only better quality and similarly priced ones.

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