5 forgotten Disney animations

Although they have fallen by the wayside, you may want to remember these five Disney stories; find it out!

Responsible for marking the childhood of several generations, Disney animations remain in the hearts of studio lovers even after decades of their releases, as is the case of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and ‘Pinocchio’, the story of the wood that comes to life.

Even so, more recent productions also ended up conquering their space, such as ‘Moana’ and ‘Frozen’, long films that, despite being on the market for a short time, already guarantee their names in the list of the main works of Casa do Mickey.

Although most of the studio’s titles received great prominence, some other Disney animations ended up not aging so well and ended up falling into oblivion by the public over the years. With that in mind, we’ve separated five productions that you might want to remember; check out!

1. Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom

Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom
Scene from ‘Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom’ / Credit: Playback/ Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Released in 2001, the film presents an exciting adventure to find the mythical lost continent at the bottom of the sea known as Atlantis. The plot follows an underrated cartographer and linguist who, after finding a ciphered map, aims to prove that the legend is actually a reality, and for that, he embarks on the high seas with a group of mercenaries and starts an expedition.

2. The Family of the Future

The future family
Scene from ‘The Family of the Future’ / Credit: Reproduction / Buena Vista Pictures

Known to be the second attempt by the disney in producing a 3D animation, the feature film hit theaters in 2007, following Lewis, an orphan boy who creates brilliant inventions. However, the twist happens when one of his creations is stolen, so the boy ends up enlisting the unexpected help of Wilbur Robinson, a mysterious boy who ends up taking him one day to the future.

3. Airplanes

‘Planes’ / Credit: Playback/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Derived from the ‘Cars’ franchise, the film released in 2013 is set in a cornfield where Dusty Crophopper, an agricultural service plane dreams of participating in an air race and becoming a great pilot.

Despite his desire not being much encouraged by his colleagues, the plane ends up receiving support from his friend Skipper who helps him train for the competition.

4. Even if the Cow Coughs

Not in a million years
Scene from ‘Nem que a Vaca Cusa’ / Credit: Reproduction/Buena Vista Pictures

The studio’s penultimate feature film with hand-drawn designs, the production debuted in 2004 featuring a good bounty hunt in the wild west led by three cows: Maggie, Grace and Mrs. Calloway.

The trio enlists the help of other animals to find a wanted cattle thief, with the aim of using the money the authorities offer for his capture to save the farm they live on from an auction.

5. The Chicken Little Chicken

The Chicken Little Chicken
Scene from ‘The Chicken Little Chicken’ / Credit: Playback/Walt Disney Pictures

Released in 2005, the plot follows Chicken Little, a rooster who ends up causing chaos in the city where he lives after thinking that the sky was collapsing after a nut fell on his head. However, his situation gets complicated when aliens appear and he needs to resolve the situation, without creating a new state of panic in the residents of Oakey Oaks.

The film also brings major milestones to the studio, as it is the first to use CGI, that is, computer-generated images, in addition to being the last Disney film released under the “Walt Disney Feature Animation” domain.

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