“And the judge ordered to follow”; Ceni ‘cries’ and regrets dubious bid in São Paulo x Flamengo for the Copa do Brasil


The 3-1 was salty for Tricolor, which left something to be desired against Mais Querido

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF |  Ceni 'cries' in dubious bid in the Copa do Brasil
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF | Ceni ‘cries’ in dubious bid in the Copa do Brasil

Flamengo visited São Paulo, in Morumbi, and won by 3 to 1. Anyone who looks only at the score imagines that the game was calmer for Rubro-Negro. On the other hand, Tricolor’s lack of efficiency cost Rogério Ceni and company dearly. Even the ex-Fla has signs to make about this duel.

Ceni believes that the final score does not summarize what the match between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro was like. Between the 15th and 35th minutes of the 1st half, for example, SPFC had the chance to tie and, perhaps, turn the confrontation around. However, the spirit of decision was on the side of CRF, who took advantage of three – of the six – balls that were finalized on goal.

“The result does not reflect what the game was like. São Paulo did very well, much superior against a very good team. Flamengo is precise, has few shots and turns into goals. Today what we played, the way we played, at the beginning of the game, maybe a long time ago. In the second half we had two leftovers and we were five against three and it caused possession of the ball for them”, said.

He went further: “João hits a header and we could have killed him at the origin of the play. The second goal seems to have caught Arrascaeta’s hand, and the referee ordered it to continue. We made some mistakes, we have to do more. As Patrick’s ball doesn’t go in, it hits the post, the line, goes out. We didn’t have the same precision that Flamengo had in the submissions”, added.

During the transmission of TV Globo, the Whistle Center clarified that the foul could even have been scored on the Uruguayan. Nonetheless, as this was not the play that led to the goal scored by Gabriel Barbosamainly because the ball has gone from one side to the other and has almost been in possession of the Tricolor, the controversy can be minimized.

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