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It’s been 57 years of career, 76 years of age, many films, countless records and shows, an incalculable amount of interviews. And even so, the impression is that we know very little about Maria Bethânia. Journalist and screenwriter Carlos Jardim started from this point of view to direct and write the script for “Maria – Nobody Knows Who I Am”, which hits theaters on September 1st.

And who unveils this unique personality in the Brazilian cultural scene is the singer herself: only Bethânia talks about Bethânia in the feature, in an unprecedented and exclusive testimony recorded in the theater of the Copacabana Palace Hotel. Among the speeches, rare images mined in the archives of TV Globo and TV Bahia, an affiliate of Globo, such as rehearsals of the anthological show that Bethânia and Chico Buarque did in 1975, and the show that the singer and her brother Caetano Veloso performed in 1978. There are also records of “The Hour of the Star”, from 1984, based on the work of Clarice Lispector.

Over the course of 100 minutes, Bethânia talks about important issues in her career, such as her passion for the stage, the strength of her presence on stage, faith and religiosity, the bond of love with her mother (“what a privilege to be my mother’s daughter, Dona Canô”) and his father, Seu Zezinho (“A Brazilian worker, an honorable civil servant. Passionate about poetry!”) and his brother Caetano Veloso (“Caetano has been master of my boat since I was born. He taught me to walk, to take the steps”). The singer also talks about the importance of literature in her work and about three writers she admires and are part of her repertoire: Fernando Pessoa, Clarice Lispector and Mia Couto. And, of course, she appears declaiming texts from these three masters.

“Maria – Nobody Knows Who I Am” has the most special participation of the actress Fernanda Montenegro, who narrates five remarkable texts about Bethânia, illustrated with images recorded by the singer’s fans-photographers, which the director of the film searched on the social networks of the singers. Bethânia fan clubs. These are texts written by Ferreira Gullar, Nelson Motta, Fauzi Arap, Caio Fernando Abreu and Reynaldo Jardim, the latter author of the book “Bethânia guerreira guerrilha”. The singer reveals in the film that, because of the book and having made the “Opinião”, she was arrested at home at dawn during the military dictatorship and taken to the Dops (Department of Public and Social Order), used as political police for the military. .

Among the artist’s rehearsal and concert scenes, great hits of her career such as “Olhos nos Olhos” (Chico Buarque), “É o amor” (Zezé di Camargo), “Gita” (Raul Seixas), “Amor de Índio ” (Beto Guedes) and “Alibi” (Djavan).

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