CBat detonates proposal, demands maintenance of Nilton Santos track and wants Célio de Barros: ‘It makes no sense to choose between two children’

The Brazilian Confederation of Athletics did not approve of the suggestion alerjto avoid overturning the runway of the Nilton Santos Stadium and in return ask that the Botafogo carry out the renovation of the runway of the Célio de Barros, in the Maracanã complex. To the column “Olhar Olímpico”, from “UOL”, the president of the entity made complaints.

Wlamir Campos don’t want the CBAt be responsible, but asks for the maintenance of the Nilton Santos track and intends to have Célio de Barros available.

– CBAt does not agree with this referral and is not a guarantor of it. It makes no sense to choose between two children. We want to keep the Nilton Santos track, the only one that could host a World Cup, for example, and we want Célio de Barros for day-to-day training, State training and to host training and social projects. We are against what is stated. It can even be done, but CBAt is not the guarantor of that – he protested.

The bill for tipping the Nilton Santos track was removed from the agenda. There will be public hearings, the first on September 14, to discuss the case.

Mayor Eduardo Paes sided with Botafogo and saw no problems in transferring the track to another location, so that the stands can be closer to the field.

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