Ceni bets all of São Paulo’s chips on the Sudamericana: “We have to reach the final” | Sao Paulo

After São Paulo’s 3-1 defeat to Flamengo, last Wednesday, in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil semifinals, coach Rogério Ceni admitted that the club’s bet for the season will be on the Copa do Brasil. South American.

The team is also in the semifinals of the continental tournament and will play the first leg against Atlético-GO next Thursday, in Goiânia.

– We have an important competition, which is the Sudamericana, where we have to try anyway… With all the respect we have for Atlético-GO, but we have to reach the final of this competition. It is something that gives a good condition for next year – said Ceni.

See the interview of Rogério Ceni, from São Paulo, after defeat to Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil

See the interview of Rogério Ceni, from São Paulo, after defeat to Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil

Ceni had already mentioned the importance of winning the tournament, but after seeing the situation get complicated in the Copa do Brasil, the Sudamericana ends up becoming the priority in the next two weeks.

The return game against Flamengo, for the national competition, will only take place after the two games for the Sudamericana, on the 14th. Ceni, then, knows that the weight of qualifying against Atlético-Go is great.

– It is important for fans to be here in the next games as they were here today, encourage us. We’re going to spend the cartridge in these last two games to try this title, try to spend this cartridge in the Copa Sudamericana – said the coach.

Rogério Ceni gives orientation during São Paulo x Flamengo — Photo: Rubens Chiri/saopaulofc.net

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Ceni will get the reinforcements of all the signed ones in this last transfer window. Marcos Guilherme, Nahuel Bustos, Nahuel Ferraresi and Felipe Alves were out of the duel for the Copa do Brasil, but can play normally in the Sudamericana.

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Before facing the team from Goiás, São Paulo enters the field next Sunday, at 4 pm, against Fortaleza, in Morumbi, for the Brazilian Championship. In the running points competition, the team is in 12th position, with 29 points.

The situation could become delicate, as the distance to the relegation zone is only six points. Ceni has warned of the low score.

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