Check out 8 makeup trends that are going viral in 2022

Makeup is practically an indispensable item in a woman’s routine. As in other areas, trends come and go every year, bringing new references, colors, styles or even revisiting past decades.

If you’re one of those people who love to stay on top of what’s going viral, the column did a survey and talked to two professional makeup artists to find out what’s trending in 2022.

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1. Foxy Eyes Hairstylist and makeup artist Paulo Lobo revealed to Coluna Claudia Meireles that this technique is the flagship among his clients, and consists of leaving a more elongated look, with a sophisticated and sensual air.

Foxy Eyes is a hit in salons

For those who want to do Foxy Eyes at home, the professional teaches the step by step. “Create an eyeliner halfway out of the eye. But avoid making it too rounded, because the more straight lines, the more gated it will be. Then, make an inverted liner in the inner corner of the eyes coming out towards the side of the nose. There are techniques that people use brown eyeshadow to blend.”

2. Barbiecore The new wave is inspired by the Barbie doll and has a strong presence of pink. According to makeup artist Gui Araújo, the color came with everything since the Valentino show, in Paris, and should be in the spotlight for a long time. “This trend comes with the use of shades of pink in eyeshadows, colored eyeliners and lipsticks”, reveals the expert.

Pink is the highlight of the makeup3. More natural skin According to Bazaar magazine, this type of makeup has conquered the public, especially on social networks. On TikTok, the hashtag #cleangirlmakeup has more than 144 million views. In real life, it is also successful among celebrities, such as actress Anne Hathaway.

The actress displays natural beautyAs the search for a more natural dermis is an increasingly common trend, Lobo explains that in order to do so, it is important to treat it. For starters, he likes to use Primer Water’s fix plus. In the eye area, use creams that make the lines smoother, because this part where we hide the dark circles is one of the driest areas and needs to be well hydrated so that the makeup doesn’t crack.

Natural look“A technique I use, for those clients who want a more natural feel and that doesn’t get too heavy, is to use the same amount of foundation and moisturizer — it can be the person’s preference. I really like using the Dior foundation called backstage, because it’s for the body and face, and it’s very light and fluid”, she says.

4. Lips from the 1990s This tip is for those women who love voluminous and perfect lips. “I do the entire contour from the inside to the outside, and vice versa. Then I use a small lip brush, blend this contour with a balm or a more translucent nude lipstick and apply it to make the transition between pencil and lipstick”, teaches Gui Araújo.

Plump and beautiful lips5. Glow Makeup This technique reflects radiant and luminous skin. For women who want to achieve the effect, according to hairstylist and makeup artist Paulo Lobo, it is necessary to apply a lighter makeup with moisturizer and illuminate specific points of the face, such as the chin and the T-zone. eyeshadow base, for example, the color bronze”.

The technique leaves the skin lit and radiant The method consists of a lighter makeup with moisturizer and illuminator in specific points of the face6. Sculpted brows Instead of the slender ’90s style, the trend that’s been successful is the laminated look worn by Bridgerton star Simone Ashley.

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7. Shine Style is always on the rise, but in new ways. The technique consists of passing a shade over the eyes and then applying the shine on top of the shadow. An example cited by the American magazine is model Gigi Hadid.

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8. Soft glow skin Araújo explains that women are increasingly concerned with their skin and are looking for naturalness and personality when putting on makeup, so soft glow skin has been winning over customers. “Supermatte and glow skin has been making its presence felt among professionals. The right amount of coverage generates a sophisticated, perfect result without exaggeration”, says the makeup artist.

More natural and sophisticated skinTo do the technique, the expert recommends fluid foundations with medium coverage, creamy concealers, liquid blush, compact powder and satin illuminators.

Before joining the trends that are booming, Paulo Lobo remembers that each face has its particularities and needs to understand the message it wants to convey. “When we talk about makeup trends, we have to take into account the personality of each client, the message they want to convey and the event they will participate in”, he concludes.

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