criminals pretend to be bank employees

See how this mechanism works and learn how to protect yourself

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Every day the number of digital scams grows more and more, and many people end up being scared of the possibility of falling into one of these frauds. And more recently, a different kind of scam ended up catching the internet’s attention. In it, criminals pose as bank employees to lure their victims. Want to know how this scam happens and how to protect yourself? Check it out below.

Criminals pretend to be employees to carry out a scam: protect yourself

Thus, in this type of scam, criminals pretend to be employees of a specific bank. With that, they call their victims’ phone and inform them that there was a problem with this person’s account.

At this point, it is important to know that criminals already have information about the victim and their account. This includes name, RG, CPF, date of birth and even account number and values, in some cases. That is, this increases trust in the scammer, and ends up giving credibility to the lie.

In this sense, scammers trick the victim into believing that the security of the account is at risk. And, in general, they ask her to make transactions on her digital account using her cell phone. In some cases, they even ask the person in question to go to suspicious websites, provide important information about the digital account or transfer money.

But how to avoid falling into this type of scam? Basically, the important thing is to pay attention to any suspicious links sent by SMS, WhatsApp or email. Never click on these links! Also, always be suspicious of phone calls from alleged bank employees. In general, no bank will contact you over the phone, and they will never ask you for details about your bank accounts and passwords.

Finally, if you happen to fall for the scam, call the bank immediately. Check if the situation is a real scam. If this is the case, it is necessary to open an Occurrence Bulletin to register and prove the fact. This allows you to ask for lost amounts back to the institution. However, this reimbursement is not always guaranteed. It depends on your case.

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