Cristiano Ronaldo quotes Gremio and talks about playing in Brazil

Youtuber Fred, from Desimpedidos channel, gave an interview to Charla Podcast about striker Cristiano Ronaldo and his connection with Grêmio, stating that the Portuguese athlete would have said that, in addition to meeting the Immortal Tricolor, he does not rule out playing in Brazil someday.

In an interview with Charla Podcast, youtuber Fred do Desimpedidos, talked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s relationship with Brazilian clubs and two teams he knows in particular, Grêmio and Flamengo being the teams.

“I already asked him. I asked him which teams he knew. He talked about Grêmio, which he knew, because he played against them. He talked about Flamengo too. I asked if he could play in Brazil one day and he said ‘who knows’, but that the focus was to stay in Europe until the end of his career in the highest level leagues”, revealed Fred.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister has a connection with Grêmio

Katia Aveiro, singer and sister of the star Cristiano Ronaldo, posted on her Instagram last year a photo “ cheering” for Grêmio that stirred the fans of the Immortal Tricolor on the web with the request for Cristiano Ronaldo to come play with the Tricolor shirt.

It is worth remembering that Katia has, together with her brother, Cristiano Ronaldo, a restaurant in Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha and, therefore, the connection with Grêmio seems to be closer. Despite this, Cristiano must remain in Europe until the end of his career, where he intends to end his cycle as a professional player at Sporting, from Portugal, the club that revealed him to the world.

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