Do you know how to track someone on WhatsApp? See how to do

A better understanding of this possibility can be useful in terms of security.

Much more than just serving to exchange text and audio messagesWhatsApp can also be a important security tool. Not all users know, but the messenger app has a very important and practical functionality, capable of allowing someone to track your location in real time.

No need to install other programs or pay any fee for ityou can use WhatsApp to find out the exact location of a personIn real time.

so that the tracking workshowever, it is necessary that the person screened release information sharing via GPS. In other words: if you were thinking of doing the tracking secretly, for whatever reason, know that this is not an option.

How to track someone on WhatsApp?

The app allows the user to share their location in real time during three time options: 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. For the function to be performed in real time and successfully, it is internet connection requiredvia Wi-Fi or mobile data.

For track someone via whatsappyou need to follow these steps:

  • Open the conversation with the contact in question and click the clip iconwhich is next to the camera;
  • Now select the option “Location”which is between the “Audio” and “Contact” options;
  • If your GPS is off, you will need to activate it;
  • now go to “Real-time location” and then choose the option “Continue”;
  • done that, determine tracking time and press on green arrow to send your location to the chosen contact;
  • Your friend or family member may tap the location square to track your journey in real time.

It is important to note that this tracking depends on the authorization of the two contacts in question. Tracking someone without that person’s consent is considered crime.

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