Eduardo Paes mocks a bill that prevents works on the Nilton Santos track

Nilton Santos, stadium of Botafogo, became a political agenda in Rio de Janeiro. After the bill by deputies André Ceciliano and Chiquinho da Mangueira, which calls for the listing of the Nilton Santos Stadium athletics trackthe city’s mayor, Eduardo Paes, spoke about the matter.

+ Botafogo: Nilton Santos was more the stage for recording a soap opera than athletics since Rio-2016

On social media, he questioned the movement of parliamentarians and mocked the action of preventing the works at the site.

– I haven’t been to Célio de Barros for a long time. Can anyone tell me how this important athletics track is doing? – published mayor of Rio, on Twitter.

The Célio de Barros Athletics Stadium is part of the Maracanã Sports Complex, being one of the most traditional places in Brazil for the practice of athletics, including already hosting international competitions. The space has been closed for sports since 2013. It is currently used as a parking lot.


John Textor, owner of the Botafogo SAF, wants to make structural changes at Nilton Santos. The main one passes through the end of the athletics track and the approach of the stands to the lawn.

André Ceciliano (PT) and Chiquinho da Mangueira (Solidariedade) appealed to the courts to prevent possible works on the site. The deputies proposed a bill for the tipping of the track, barring any alteration to the stadium.

However, according to an investigation by the THROW!O Nilton Santos Stadium has not been on the itinerary of the main athletics events for some time. The Brazil Athletics Trophy, held in June this year, was the first event held at the venue since the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Nilton Santos has the most expensive rental in the country compared to other tracks – it is worth remembering that the reality of Brazilian Olympic sport is very different from that of football. The cost ranged from R$80,000 to R$100,000 per day.

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