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It wasn’t his fault for the goals conceded and he hardly had any work in the game. Note: 5.5

+ “It’s a result that hurts”, says Fernando Diniz after Fluminense x Corinthians

He had a good first half, but was decisive in the second. He made a beautiful throw to Cris Silva starting the play of the second goal, scored by Arias. He always gave good offensive options on the right and forced Roger Guedes to come back every moment to mark him. Note: 6.5

Best moments: Fluminense 2 x 2 Corinthians for the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil

Best moments: Fluminense 2 x 2 Corinthians for the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil

He had a great first half and won all the difficult disputes with Yuri Alberto. He blocked a shot in the area, took the ball away and saved one-on-one in two counterattacks by the centre-forward. In the final stage, he saved again with Adson’s kick and also appeared offensively in a throw for Matheus Martins in the area. He just couldn’t block Roger Guedes’ finish on the equalizing goal. Grade: 7.0

Manoel, on the other hand, was in debt and almost got into trouble in the first half. He made bad passing decisions and failed badly, losing the ball, setting up a counterattack that Nino saved in one-on-one with Yuri Alberto. But he grew, improved a lot in the final stage and passed much more security to the sector, giving the famous kick when necessary. Grade: 5.0

Fábio explains Róger Guedes' goal

Fábio explains Róger Guedes’ goal

Despite a move at the beginning in which he went through two and was only stopped in the absence, later he produced little offensively. He couldn’t hit crosses and when he appeared to finish, he kicked weakly or headed badly. He was eventually substituted at halftime. Grade: 5.0

He stole some balls, but was discreet in the first half. He improved in the second and appeared more in the attack giving good passes, but he committed a foul and got the third yellow card, being suspended for the return game. Note: 5.5

He started well and made a good play on the back line, but then he made serious mistakes. He missed the pass to André in the play that led to Corinthians’ equalizer, and then lost the ball that set up a dangerous counterattack. He improved in the second half and appeared in a shot from the edge of the area. Grade: 4.0

He took the penalty with class to displace Cássio, but then ended up boxed in the opponent’s marking. He managed to distribute the game more in the second half. Grade: 7.0

Ganso celebrates his goal for Fluminense in the game — Photo: Alexandre Durão

Colombian match. He suffered a clear penalty in the first attack of the game, gave good options with his movement and scored a great kick in the angle of the entrance of the area. He ran the whole time and came out tired in the final stage. Grade: 8.0

Arias celebrates a goal against Corinthians: "A goal that I celebrated a lot"

Arias celebrates goal against Corinthians: “A great goal that I celebrated a lot”

He had a great first half, appearing on both sides of the field. He participated in the penalty move suffered by Arias and crossed a ball just as Cano headed for Cássio’s defense. In the second half he also took a dangerous shot out, but then got tired and ended up substituted. Grade: 7.0

There was no L, but because Cássio didn’t let him and did a miracle in a point-blank header from the attacker, in addition to catching a cross kick in the second half. Even without scoring, it was important and gave the pass for Arias to suffer the penalty. Note: 6.5

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He entered well and participated in the second goal play by appearing in the area and playing for the middle. He also appeared well on the left side. Note: 6.5

He replaced Nonato to try to keep the team’s breath in midfield. He appeared more in the attack, but could not help to contain the growth of Corinthians in the end. Note: 5.5

He took the place of Matheus Martins in the final stretch, but little appeared. Grade: 5.0

He entered Arias’ place in the final stretch, but also little appeared. Grade: 5.0

He came in at the end in place of Ganso and ended up participating negatively in Corinthians’ equalizer by playing wrong. Grade: 3.0

“We're going to have to be 'crazy in the head' in São Paulo”, says Gabriel |  The Voice of the Crowd

“We’re going to have to be ‘crazy in the head’ in São Paulo”, says Gabriel | The Voice of the Crowd

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