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Placing an entire picture on the WhatsApp profile is not a procedure that can be done natively, and therefore users have to resort to external applications such as WhatsCrop. Available for Android phones, the editor allows you to add borders to the image so that it is fully displayed and still respects the size standard defined by the messenger. In addition, if you want, you can customize the frame with gradient colors or blur made with the photo itself. See below how to add borders to photos using the WhatsCrop app.

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WhatsCrop allows you to put uncut photo on WhatsApp — Photo: Ana Marques/TechTudo

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How to put full profile picture on WhatsApp

Step 1. Open WhatsCrop and tap on “Select Photo” option. Then select the “Gallery” option to open the photo gallery;

Action to select your photo gallery in the WhatsCrop app — Photo: Reproduction/Paola Mansur

Step 2. After that, tap on “Gallery” at the bottom of the screen or, if you want, search for an image in Google Photos by pressing on “Photos”. Once that’s done, just choose the album and photo you want;

Choose the photograph you want to edit to include the border — Photo: Reproduction/Paola Mansur

Step 3. When selecting the photo, you need to resize the white rectangle that will appear on top of it. To do this, just touch each end and drag to cover the entire photo. At the end, touch the “check” symbol, located in the upper right corner, to start editing the border;

You can adjust the size of the photo to your liking, just select the corners of the white rectangle and drag — Photo: Reproduction/Paola Mansur

Step 4. On the next tab, at the bottom of the screen, several background options will be presented. So just tap on each effect and choose the one you like best. Then press the “check” symbol in the upper corner again to finish. Once this is done, the application will automatically save the photo in the gallery.

For the background, three effects are available for you to choose from: the blur, the gradient and the solid color — Photo: Reproduction/Paola Mansur

Step 5. The platform also gives the option to add the photo directly to WhatsApp. To do this, go to “Set WhatsApp DP” and then press “OK”. Ready, the photo will already be on your WhatsApp profile.

When you finish editing, you can share the photo directly from the WhatsCrop app to the WhatsApp profile — Photo: Reproduction/Paola Mansur

Take advantage of the tips in the tutorial to put a full picture on your WhatsApp profile.

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