Instituto Reciclando Sons holds a special concert this Thursday (25/8)

posted on 08/25/2022 15:38

(credit: DIEGO RICARDO/Disclosure)

For 21 years promoting musicalization activities and social assistance programs, Instituto Reciclando Sons offers a special concert to celebrate the trajectory of the institution. The show takes place this Thursday (25/8), at 8 pm, in the Hall of Casa Thomas Jefferson da Asa Sul.

The concert cast was formed by separate groups, chosen by Reciclando Sons: children’s choir Notas & Canções, female choir and Amigos da Orquestra violinists, showcase choir and orchestra Reciclando Sons, accompanying pianist Maria Alice Braga, under the musical production of Bruno Efe and artistic production by Maestra Rejane Pacheco.

The show also has a special guest, the Atlas Trio group, composed of American pianist Jennifer Heemstra, Tajikistan cellist Marjona Khurshed Ovna Khasanova and Brazilian guitarist João Paulo Machado. Admission is free and the public can contribute by donating non-perishable food to help the families that the organization serves.

Since 2001, Instituto Reciclando Sons has assisted more than 7,500 young people in the social assistance program it organizes, by facilitating inclusion in the job and income market and discovering talent. The entity also carries out activities for children’s musicalization and professionalizing technical music education, IT, bakery and confectionery.


Concert Instituto Reciclando Sons 21 years

Show will be at CTJ Hall, – Thomas Jefferson House – SEP Sul 706/906, this Thursday (25/8) at 20 pm

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