It is also possible to be ‘invisible’ on WhatsApp Web; learn how

It is common for someone to question the absence of a response while you were online, implying that you acted contemptuously. Therefore, this tool that hides access view, avoids such inconvenient questions. In this way, the update emerges as a way to promote more privacy, meeting people’s expectations.

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more privacy

In addition to expanding the reach of end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has come to understand that privacy is also related to the small information present in the profile. It is even possible to hide the name, description and other data of unknown contacts, avoiding scams practiced from identity theft.

New on smartphone

This time, Meta is updating the devices of the android and iOS with the tool that removes the ”Online” status. Therefore, no one will know when you are available on the platform.

The forecast is that all devices will be configured by the end of this month of August, while the WhatsApp Web version remains in the final stages of testing.

How to disable WhatsApp’s ”Online”

To disable the application’s ”Online” is very simple, because the feature appears in the same option as ”Last seen”. In this case, some users already have access to the modifications, choosing between ”My contacts”, ”My contacts except…” and ”Nobody”. As said, in the browser the function requires adjustments.

WABetaInfo has not released the exact date for the features to be in line with all versions, including the WhatsApp Web. In this way, only cell phones will have access to the news. If you haven’t noticed anything, check the app store to see if the app requires any updates.

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