Patent explains possible new cut in “iPhones 14 Pro”

The expectation that top-of-the-line models from “iPhones 14”which are due to be released on September 7, will abandon the classic notch it’s not new. In its place, we should see a cutout in the style hole punchfor the camera, and another in pill form for Face ID sensors and the like.

What has come to light today is how Apple may have made this change possible in the “iPhones 14 Pro”. In this regard, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent registered by Apple for a light reflector projector. This component would allow a good reduction in the space dedicated to sensors essential for the operation of Face ID.

light bounce projector patent

According to Patently Apple, the projector gives more flexibility in positioning the infrared detector, as it can have the direction of its light beam redirected. Thus, there would no longer be the need to position the infrared in a specific location, being able to be placed in places that allow the reduction of the clipping.

It would be something like a prism, using the comparison that brought the 9to5Mac. It could redirect the beam 90º, using less space than the emitter. A mirror would do a similar job when positioned at 45 degrees, but Apple’s patent references a prism.

Along with this component, the new iPhones will be able to bring a set of lenses between the infrared emitter and the projector, which would provide greater optical power to the reflector, providing greater focusing ability, as well as improving object detection and recognition. .

This complex and inventive creation, if it is actually used in the “iPhones 14 Pro”, could also, in the future, be implemented in other Apple products, such as the speculated augmented/virtual reality headset.

In any case, we will confirm all speculations at the launch event of the new devices, on the 7th.

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