Still trying to score, Windows 11 even gets another name in a new version

Still trying to score, Windows 11 even gets another name in a new update

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Microsoft appears to have made several changes to the next Windows 11 update – including the name. Version 2022 would be codenamed “Windows 11 2022 Update” as pointed out Twitter user @XenoPanther last Monday (22).

Initially, we knew the Windows 11 update as 22H2 and/or Sun Valley 2. Previous versions of Windows 10 also used the month + year format.

User entered systems running Windows 11 from “Get Started” application. There, he accessed the “Sun Valley 2” version and received the message: “You are running Windows 11 2022 update”. Less than 24 hours later, the name was gone.

THE hypothesis raised by the website TechRadar is that the name change means Microsoft’s decision to release a single update for the system in 2022. The forecast, so far, is that 22H2 will come out on September 20th.

In April, the Microsoft announced some of the news of the update. The system should receive a shortcut to access Cloud PCs in the Start menu and a new tabbed file explorer, similar to internet browsers.

slow transition

Windows 11 was released in October 2021, but many users are still using the previous version. As you read here on Gizmodo Brazilthis is especially true for gamers, who are still dissatisfied with operating system problems.

For the new system to work, users need to upgrade their PC to at least an 8th Gen Intel or AMD Zen+ and/or Zen 2 processor. With electronics prices soaring in the midst of the global semiconductor chip crisis, no one want to replace a slow computer.

That could put snags on Microsoft’s schedule, which wants to release Windows 12 as early as 2024.

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