Textor wants to speed up contract with City Hall to start works on Nilton Santos and criticizes bill on track: ‘It makes no sense, it’s insane’

The bill in alerj which calls for the tipping of the runway Athletics of Nilton Santos Stadium can jeopardize plans John Textor to do works to bring the fans closer to the Botafogo. The shareholder of SAF alvinegra criticized the attitude of the deputies, but considered that this problem could end up helping the club to speed up talks with the municipal sphere.

After a meeting on Wednesday, the bill was removed from the voting agenda and will be discussed again in public hearings, the first of which is scheduled for September 14th. On the other hand, the project’s rapporteurs want Botafogo to pay for the renovation of the athletics track at the Célio de Barros Stadium, in the Maracanã complex.

We cannot allow ourselves as a private company to be affected by the policy. This bill created at the last minute by politicians who have never met with us, never given us a chance to speak, is obviously a political situation. I’m not a politician, let’s do what the company needs. If Nilton Santos is a great place for fans, we will stay, we can improve it, we can do a lot of things for the North Zone community. If they want to play the political game for votes, then let’s go elsewhere. I don’t understand Brazilian politics, I don’t understand the difference between what the mayor can help and what the state can take away. I’m not too worried about it – said Textor in the live with the independent media alvinegra on “Canal do TF”, on Wednesday night.

I think what these politicians have proposed ends up helping us, because it will speed up the conversations about what we have to do. These deputies put deadlines like September 14th to put in another vote… I don’t think what they’re doing makes sense, an athletics track that is rarely used to get in the way of a big project for the entire North Zone community. “Oh, we scared him, we made his life more difficult, now we are going to ask him to invest in a track on the other side of town, we are going to take money from this gringo”, this is very disappointing… Leaders should be happy when an investor puts money in a community development project, they shouldn’t ask him to pay millions of dollars in another place that has nothing to do with them to let me help the people of the North Zone. This is insane. I think the talks will accelerate quickly, I hope we reach an agreement and that the contract comes out by the 14th of September – he added.

John Textor highly praised the mayor Eduardo Paes, with which he recently met. At the meeting, the mayor agreed with the project conceived by Textor for the Nilton Santos Stadium, giving the green light for the removal of the athletics track, and also offered land for Alvinegro to build its Training Center, in the West Zone, preferably close to to the Lonier Space – initially designed to serve the basic categories.

I met with the mayor, I loved him, he is a very smart man, he knows that we have a problem that we need to solve so that we have a good football experience. He gave us a good number of creative solutions, and I am very excited to see Nilton Santos not only as an opportunity for football, but also as an opportunity to develop the region’s economy. You don’t need 30 nights of football, you need 150 nights of events, and the mayor gave us this opportunity to make that happen for the North Zone. It will cost me less to do this for the North Zone than to build a new stadium, so I am very grateful for this help from the mayor. Now we have to formalize an agreement with the mayor to have the freedom to make changes to the stadium, and there is also the land he offered us to consolidate all football activities in one place explained Textor.

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