These words can get your account banned from WhatsApp

Did you know that you can get your WhatsApp account banned for using a few words?

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Like any other social network, WhatsApp has its rules and monitoring mechanisms. On Twitter this is very common, and there are several cases of violation of company rules, even in accounts of famous people.

Did you know that on WhatsApp this can also happen? And recently, the app has updated some of its monitoring mechanisms. With that, some words ended up becoming “dangerous”, and can even make you lose your account. Want to understand? So, check it out below.

You can get your WhatsApp account banned for using a few words

In this way, new control mechanisms became necessary mainly to avoid threats or scams within the app. Thus, suspicious people or accounts with criminal potential are banned. However, in some cases, this can happen unintentionally, with people who have no bad intentions.

and why this happens? Basically, because one of these banning systems is tied to the words you use in your conversations. In this sense, there are certain concepts that should be avoided. Therefore, the ideal is to avoid cursing, threatening tones and any kind of prejudice. Even if it’s just a “joke” between friends.

After all, if someone is offended in one of these groups, they can file a complaint (and rightly so). This could end up temporarily restricting your activity in the app. Terms such as “sexual abuse” and “pornography” and other words contextualized in violent settings can result in a ban.

So be careful what you say in your conversations, whether it’s audio or text. If you are caught by any of these mechanisms, recovering your account depends on WhatsApp’s assessment of you, and can take a considerable amount of time.

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