WhatsApp scammers use World Cup sticker album to lure victims and steal data | Technology

With unofficial links, the messages offer the Cup album and more than 400 stickers for those who click. In exchange, the page asks for personal data and sharing the promotion on WhatsApp.

“All the elements of a fraud are gathered there”, warns Thiago Ayub, specialist in the development of digital security tools and director of technology at Sage Networks.

O g1 contacted Panini, the company responsible for selling the Copa album, but until the last update of the article there was no response.

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The fake promotion link leads to a page with four questions about Panini and then challenges the internet user to click on gift boxes to get album and stickers.

With information from the remaining seconds and offers, the site constantly presses the person to proceed through the tests.

In any box they click, the visitor will “get it right” and will receive an announcement from the site that they will be rewarded with the album and 400 stickers if they share the promotion to 5 groups or 20 friends on WhatsApp. The person is still manipulated into offering their address.

If the Internet user follows the requirements, he will be redirected to other sites to provide more personal data. There will also be a sports betting site, where the user is again pressured to fill out the registration as soon as possible to compete for R$ 1,000.

Page also tries to seduce Internet users with alleged customer reviews of the promotion — Photo: Reproduction

Thiago Ayub analyzed the links in the message and stated that the promotion is not mentioned on the official website or on Panini’s social networks and also that the company’s address ends in “.br”. The website address of the scam ends in “.ru”, from Russia.

In addition, Ayub cites as an important clue the lie on the page that the participant has up to 500 seconds to publicize the promotion. “If you think of a real company doing a promotion, they’ll want you to publicize the promotion for as long as possible,” he says.

It even reports that the page’s source code has hidden lines and codes. These features prevent auditing of what the site does with the device used to access it.

“Only a scammer would be interested in the computer or cell phone that accesses the page executing commands without the knowledge and consent of the user and people in general.”

How to protect yourself from scams on Whatsapp:

Kapersky Research and Analysis team director Fabio Assolini adds that schemes like these are designed to get the victim to sign up to other sites.

“It is worth remembering that betting sites also have the affiliate scheme, making the campaign creators earn a ‘commission’ for each sign-up of someone who clicked on their shared link”, he explains.

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