Will The Batman 2 Have Barry Keoghan’s Joker Appearance?

The Clown of Crime only made a small appearance during the plot of the first film in the new franchise of the Bat of Gotham

The Batman 2/Warner/Reproduction

After just a short cameo during the plot of the first film in the new Dark Knight franchise, a new website report addresses whether joker in Barry Keoghan will be in The Batman 2.

announced since CinemaCon this year, the sequel to the Bat of Gotham played by Robert Pattinsonhas a promising future defined by the Warner Bros. Discoveryalthough its development is still in very early stages of pre-production.

after announcing that Matt Reevesdirector of The Batman 2had signed a new multi-project contract for the studio, the The Hollywood Reporter confirms that still “it is unclear”, if Barry Keoghan will, in fact, antagonize the plot of the sequel as joker, as many fans imagine. Although it doesn’t look very promising, the production may still be considering the Clown of Crime for the next project.

Who will be back in The Batman 2?

In addition to Matt Reeves again taking over the direction, however, now, alongside Matt Tomlinit is already clear that Robert Pattinson will return to reprise his role as the title hero, and artists like Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Gordon) and Zoë Kravitz (Catwoman), must return to the acting team.

Until the moment, The Batman 2 remains without a release date, and its screenplay is yet to be written. The first movie released in March 2022, is available on streaming HBO Max.

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