Windows 11 hides feature that makes the taskbar faster

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There are those who don’t like Windows 11 because of your taskbar. Developed from scratch, it is less functional than the bar in Windows 10 (and earlier). And also slower, in many cases. That’s why the Microsoft is working on a solution to this problem. The bravest can already activate it.

Windows 11
Windows 11 (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

Such slowness tends to be noticeable on computers with older hardware, although it can also affect newer machines. Right after Windows 11 loads, the taskbar may take a few seconds to display icons or even respond to commands.

But, according to the Windows Latest, Microsoft is aware of the problem and already offers a solution, although it is hidden. This is a feature that synchronizes the taskbar with the Immersive Shell component of the operating system.

The expected effect, of course, is that the taskbar and its icons will load faster.

how to activate

Everything indicates that this change is a temporary effort. It is possible that in future steps Microsoft will find better ways to optimize taskbar performance.

Windows 11 Start Menu and Taskbar (Image: Playback/Microsoft Design)
Windows 11 Start Menu and Taskbar (Image: Playback/Microsoft Design)

For now, the new feature might be a bit of a slog. It just isn’t enabled by default. The good news is that a user who identifies himself as PhantomOcean3 on Twitter explained how to enable the novelty.

First, you must have Windows 11 build 25182, which is available to participants in the Windows Insider testing program (no information on its availability to the general public yet).

As this is not an official procedure, it is also necessary to keep in mind that failures can happen. Do so at your own risk. That said:

  1. Download the ViveTool tool from GitHub;
  2. Extract the downloaded file to c:\ViveTool;
  3. Right-click Start and select Windows Terminal (Administrator) from the menu that opens;
  4. Windows PowerShell will appear; type there:
    • c:\vivetool\vivetool.exe /enable /id:39751186 /store:both
  5. Restart Windows Explorer (or the operating system itself).

After that, the taskbar should load faster, albeit without the icon animations.

If the effect was not as expected or some instability arises, the procedure can be undone. To do this, perform step 4, but with the following command:

  • c:\vivetool\vivetool.exe /disable /id:39751186 /store:both

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