5-meter snake caught ‘invading’ house through window in UK

Photo shows snake entering through window

Credit, Solent News & Photo Agency

photo caption,

A 5.5-meter Burmese python tried to climb through the window of a house in Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire

A 5.5 meter python has caused panic in the neighborhood of Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire, England, after it escaped from its owner’s house and tried to enter another house on Tuesday morning (23/8).

The Burmese python was captured by a neighbor, who already knew the animal and returned it to its owner.

According to the Daily Echo news portal, the police said they will not investigate the case as the incident is not a “policing-related matter”.

Jenny Warwick says she looked out her window at 5:15 am local time and saw a large yellow object on the roof of a house, but only realized it was a snake when she saw that it was trying to get into a window.

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