Amazon bought EA: the announcement will come today, according to a rumor

Amazon will buy EA according to a strange rumor that has been circulating these minutes, from sources that do not even seem to be excluded, with the official announcement that it should take place today, august 26.

It all appears to come from sources close to GLHF, a company that handles media, public relations and communication within the gaming industry, with information that was released by USA Today. Of course, there is no way to verify the matter at this time, but as reported, the source can be trusted, so we reported the matter anyway.

THE Electronic Arts may be for sale and the acquisition candidates are not many, considering the size of the company: previously, apple and disney also emerged among the possibilities, but it seems that the choice ended up falling on the amazon.

Jeff Bezos’ company does have the capital to carry out such a transaction relatively quickly, although the scale of the acquisition will certainly require a thorough investigation by the FTC and regulators, as it did for Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard.

Amazon, for its part, has been trying for some time to expand further in the gaming area, with the creation of new development teams, the launch of the cloud gaming platform Amazon Luna and the production of several games that are increasingly emerging on the market after a rather rocky start, like New World and Lost Ark, to which the MMO about Lord of the Rings in development but whose health is a little uncertain, will also be added.

According to the “sources” consulted, it seems that the official announcement is scheduled for today but there is still no precise timing in this regard, so possible developments may soon arrive. The consequences of such an acquisition are not yet predictable, but as it is Amazon, it is likely that the countless EA games are destined to remain cross-platform, but we cannot bet all our chips on that.


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