Atltico and Flamengo are among the teams with the biggest leaves in the world; Look

PSG and Real Madrid s
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PSG and Real Madrid are the clubs with the highest salary sheets in the world of football; Atltico is in the top 40

Atltico is the 36th club in the world with the highest payroll. The survey was based on the website Capologyspecialist in this segment in international football, and information from columnist Jorge Nicola, from supersports.

PSG leads the salary rankings, with R$2.2 billion per year, followed by Barcelona (R$1.6 billion), Real Madrid (R$1.4 billion), Bayern Munich (R$1.4 billion). billion) and Manchester United (R$1.3 billion). The numbers are from Capology.

See the list of the top 15 highest earning teams in the gallery below:

Flamengo and Atltico among the biggest leaves in world football

Galo has a salary sheet of R$ 20 million per month, according to the supersports already reported, via Nicola’s Column. This amount multiplied by twelve, in addition to the 13th maturity, reaches R$ 260 million. Palmeiras and Corinthians have annual payments similar to those of the Minas Gerais club.

In Brazil, Flamengo leads the list of salary sheets, with R$ 390 million per year.

It is worth noting that the numbers are always approximate, as clubs prefer not to reveal the exact values ​​before the publication of the financial statements.

South Americans

In relation to South American clubs, the disproportion with Brazilians is gigantic, according to data from the Capology. A club that was the terror of Brazilians until a few years ago, Boca Juniors has a turnover of R$ 118 million per year.

biggest rival of bosseros, River Plate has a slightly higher value: R$ 136 million. A semi-finalist in the Copa Libertadores, Vlez earns BRL 74 million per season.

America and Cruise

In the worst crisis in its history, Cruzeiro currently has salaries of around R$39 million a year. For the next season, the celestial team will have a substantial increase and move to R$ 78 million. Far below the top Serie A clubs, but well above America, which currently spends around R$4 million per month (R$52 million per year).

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