Biden criticizes Trump-supporting Republicans ahead of rally: ‘It’s almost semi-fascism’, says | World

US President Joe Biden vehemently criticized Trump’s Republican allies on Thursday at a fundraising event ahead of his first political rally for the November election. The Democrat accused the group of adhering to violence and hatred and said they approached “semi-fascism” in a previous event.

Biden also mentioned his predecessor Donald Trump’s election slogan “make America great again” (Maga), calling it an “extremist agenda”. “We are now seeing the beginning or the end of an extremist agenda by Maga,” the president said. “It’s not just Trump. It’s almost semi-fascism.”

The US leader, who is embarking on a coast-to-coast tour of the US, wants to offer his support to Democratic candidates and prevent Republicans from taking control of Congress, trumpeting the sharp differences between the country’s two main parties. “It’s no exaggeration: now you need to vote to literally save democracy again,” Biden said. “America must choose. You must choose. Whether our country will advance or retreat.”

The Democratic National Committee event is hosted by Richard Montgomery High School in Maryland. “Trump and Maga’s extremist Republicans made the choice to step back, filled with anger, violence, hatred and division, while the Democrats chose to be a nation of unity and hope,” the president said.

Ahead of the rally, Biden met with Democratic donors to raise $1 million. The American also spoke about climate change and the future of China.

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