Bob haircut becomes a trend among celebrities

Trend in the world of beauty, the bob style cut has been chosen by many celebrities and anonymous this season. The cut gives an option for those who like to take a risk with super short, with the micro bob style or the French bob, or the option for those who like a more considerable length, such as the long bob.

In addition to the practicality of short wires for everyday life, there is a great need for maintenance and care to avoid misaligned cuts with the growth of the wires and the dryness of the ends. “As this is a short cut, maintenance should not take more than two months, as one or two centimeters already influence the fall of the wires. In addition, it is essential to follow a treatment schedule, with a lot of hydration, because if the wires become dry, the layers and frizz will make them look like they are broken and mistreated.“, reports hair stylist Rodrigo Cintra.

We separate some celebrities who have joined the cut in recent months.

Millie Bobby Brown

The actress who is very successful on the small screens of the streaming platform, Netflix, is a big fan of changing her hair. Recently, she appeared on her Instagram with the Mini Bob cut in blonde tones.

Millie Bobby Brown, Mini bob cut (Photo: kelsey Deenihan: Playback/Instagram)

Jade Picon

To interpret her first character in a soap opera, Jade Picon joined the Long Bob cut. The cut helps to draw the contour of the face, making it more feminine and striking.

Jade Picon, Long Bob cut (Photo: Léo Fagherazzi: Reproduction/Instagram)


The influencer joined the Power Bob style. The chin-length cut with a straight finish tends to give an air of more authority. Gkay shared the transition in a video post on his social media.

Billie Eilish

The singer is a big fan of hair change. Between colors and cuts, what Billie keeps the most is the Shagg Hair style, which brings the length of the Bob with a messier texture.

Billie Eilish, Shagg Hair cut with Bob (Photo: Playback/Instagram)


After a performance at the Garota Vip event, Anitta gathered some friends at her residence. With the level of alcohol more touched, the singer decided to cut her hair with the help of her friend Gkay, which did not work very well. The next day, the singer called in a professional to fix what she had done, which resulted in a Short Blunt Bob.

Anitta, Short Blunt Bob cut (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Jessica Alba

The actress is already known for her hair transformations with cuts and dyes. The locks at the moment are a classic, extra-short Long Bob with more volume.

Jessica Alba, Long Bob Extra Short cut (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

With the warmer seasons coming, this style of cut is a great option, especially for those who like to change and follow the trend of the season. In addition to style, it guarantees comfort and the most refreshing air to face spring/summer.

Featured Photo: Millie Bobby Brown: Playback/Instagram

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