British stewardess reveals dirtiest part of planes: ‘Worse than the toilet’ – News

A British tiktoker who has worked as a flight attendant for nine years revealed in a video published this week the dirtiest part of an aircraft.

Content creator Flight Bae warns passengers never to place their belongings in pockets behind the aircraft seats. The reason? This compartment is never cleaned.

“They’re dirtier than toilets, they’re dirtier than the seat cushion and they’re dirtier than tray tables,” warns the stewardess.

Also according to the woman, unless someone vomits or there is something very dirty or sticky, the cleaning workers just remove the trash from that place.

“So all these germs accumulate and there is no regular cleaning of these surfaces, whereas bathrooms are regularly cleaned and sanitized,” the woman concludes.

In the comments section, people were surprised by the information.

“I usually put my cell phone there”, wrote one person, accompanied by a scared emoji. “I will never touch that pocket again”, said another user. .

* Intern at R7edited by Pablo Marques

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