Convict eats two cheeseburgers, two fish fingers sandwiches and two servings of fries before being executed

James Coddington was executed on Thursday morning (8/25) in an Oklahoma penitentiary (USA) for the death of Albert Hale in 1997, amid his struggle with crack addiction. The 73-year-old man was hammered to death. Gained attention in the American press the appetite of the condemned man at his last meal: James ate two cheeseburgers, two fish sandwiches, and two large fries, served with a large soda.

The convict, who was 50 years old, received a lethal injection and was pronounced dead at 10:16 am.

His lawyers and defenders hoped that his remorse for the murder, his extremely traumatic upbringing, and his death row rehabilitation would save him. But Republican Governor Kevin Stitt could not be convinced and refused your request for leniency.

James Coddington and his lawyer Photo: Reproduction

“To all my family and friends, the lawyers, everyone who has been around me and loved me, thank you”said the detainee as he was tied to a stretcher inside the burial chamber. “Governor Stitt, I don’t blame you and forgive you”he added before the process began.

The execution of James Coddington was the first of more than two dozen that state officials plan to carry out by December 2024, at a rate of about one convict executed a month, CNN reported.

Opponents of capital punishment argue that there is outstanding questions about the innocence of some prisoners or the mental aptitude for execution, his lawyers said, and critics pointed to the recent history of botched lethal injection applications. Those issues — dating back to the 2014 execution of Clayton Lockett, who writhed and groaned on the stretcher for 43 minutes before suffering a heart attack — prompted authorities to suspend the executions during investigations and capital punishment reviews in the state.

The executions were resumed last October, with convict John Grant, who convulsed and vomited on the stretcher, according to witnesses. John killed in 1988, when he was already serving time for armed robbery, an employee of the penitentiary cafeteria.

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