Cruise have one of the lowest leaves in Srie A in 2023; see numbers

Jorge Nicola:
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Jorge Nicola: ‘Cruzeiro to have one of the smallest sheets of Serie A in 2023; see numbers’

The year 2023 has already begun for Cruzeiro. At least for Ronaldo, Paulo Andr, Gabriel Lima, Pezzolano and company. And haste has an explanation: although we are still in August 2022, Raposa has already secured itself in next year’s national football elite and the internal assessment that the squad needs a major overhaul, with the aim of equipping it with the from Serie A.

where the problem lies: how to make Cruzeiro a much better cast with still small revenues and without the help of financial dopings, such as patrons or investments without bank support?

At least, Fox already has its scenarios well defined. The objective is to finish the Brazilian among the top 13 and reach the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. All this with a 100% increase in revenue. That is, the club will have twice as much to spend compared to 2022.

BRL 100 million are expected in broadcasting rights, BRL 41 million in sales of athletes, BRL 33 million in sponsorships, nearly BRL 40 million in supporters and BRL 10 million in digital marketing, licensing and the like.

Really look like. But it seems. On a quick count, if Cruzeiro spends R$3 million per month in payroll in 2022 and has double the revenue for 2023, it is estimated that a squad will cost something in the region of R$6 million.

John Texto just announced that Botafogo’s payroll after the 10 increases in the July/August window exceeded R$ 12 million.

Grmio, rivals in Serie B, already has a monthly cost of R$ 11 million. Vasco will be powered by the 777, as will Bahia in relation to Grupo City. Not to mention the R$30 million from Flamengo, R$20 million from Palmeiras, Corinthians and Atltico, R$15 million from So Paulo, R$12.5 million from Internacional…

In other words, with a payroll of R$ 6 million/month, Cruzeiro will be among the five cheapest teams in the national elite. And the hit rate in hiring needs to remain very high, as in 2022, at the risk of disrupting Fenmeno’s plan to continue growing, to reach the competitive and financial peak in 2026.

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