Cruzeiro: Pezzolano cites praise from Atlético-MG fans and warns the rival; watch | cruise

In an interview with Globo, he said that he feels that there is a certain nervousness in rivals when he learns that Cruzeiro is close to returning to the elite of Brazil, after three seasons in Série B of the Brazilian.

– And the nervousness on the other side of seeing the Cruzeiro go up, you can also see it. They know that Cruzeiro, in the First Division, is very strong. Big team that will come back and will be very strong. It will be hard for them to play against Cruzeiro again – said the coach.

Cruzeiro has 54 points and needs two more wins to practically guarantee themselves in Serie A in 2023. The coach said he feels that the Cruzeiro fan understands the club’s recovery process.

– On a day-to-day basis, you see the desire of the people from Cruzeiro to return to the First Division, from this resurgence of the cruisewhat these fans are wanting and it’s close, is what I like the most.

Living in Belo Horizonte since the beginning, Pezzolano said he sees the rivalry between Cruzeiro and Atlético-MG. But he said he is highly respected and praised by rival fans when he takes to the streets.

– There’s a lot of respect. In fact, many Atlético-MG fans want a photo, they really like how Cruzeiro plays. I see a lot of respect. Some people shout ‘Galo’ on the street, but I say shhh, I tell them to shut up (laughs). Here, what you live is very beautiful. The passion they live is very beautiful.

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