Discover the real story of the Star+ series

starring Jessica Bielthe miniseries candyavailable exclusively on Star+, is a crime drama based on real events. The production tells the story of the American Candy Montgomerywho coldly killed her friend Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey) and became known as the “axe killer”.

In the plot, Candy is a mother, a housewife and seems to have everything that is socially expected: a good husband, two children and a beautiful home. It even has the careful planning and execution of “little sins”. But when the pressure of discomfort starts to build inside her, her actions call for a little freedom.

the real story

Candance Lynn Montgomery grew up in a religious Methodist family and had two children with the electronics engineer Pat Montgomery (played by Timothy Simons), with whom he lived in Texas. She taught religion and had a small decorating firm with a friend.

She and her husband attended the same Methodist Church as another young couple, Betty and Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber), and the four approached. Candy and Allan moved a little closer, though. In the summer of 1978, the two met to play volleyball on the church court and felt a strong attraction to each other, and then went on to maintain an extramarital relationship.

Allan already had a daughter, and in 1979, while he was in a relationship with Candy, he had a second child with his wife, Betty. Suspicious of her husband’s betrayal, Betty developed postpartum depression and Allan decided to dedicate himself more to his marriage, moving away from Candy.

The crime

The body of Candy’s friend, Betty Gore, was found by neighbors with 41 axes, in June 1980. This happened when her husband, Allan, was traveling for work and the couple’s eldest daughter was spending a few days at the Montgomery house.

Candy Montgomery soon became the prime suspect in the murder, as she left tracks at the crime scene. Furthermore, Allan also told the police about the relationship between the two.

Candy: Discover the real story behind the Star+ series

The sentence

In the end, Candy was found not guilty by the jury, who found Betty’s murder to be self-defense. During the trial, she said that she went to the victim’s house one day to get a swimsuit for her friend’s daughter, when the two started talking and Betty confronted her about the affair with her husband, resulting in a fight.

Candy claimed that she was attacked with the ax first, but that she managed to push her former friend and grab the axe, attacking her with several blows.

Check out more about this story in Candy, an exclusive miniseries now available on Star+.

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