‘Doll of Evil 2′: Sequel Plot Changed After Brahms’ Internet Success

In an interview with Bloody Disgustingthe director William Brent Bell revealed that the sequence of ‘Evil doll‘ (The Boy) was originally going to go a VERY different route, focusing on the serial killer from the first film – without introducing the much-criticized supernatural elements.

The change in the script – and, consequently, in the direction of the entire franchise – was to put the puppet at the center of the story, which had gained a lot of popularity since the release of the original feature.

The sequel was originally going to be a slasher continuing the serial killer’s story. [do primeiro filme]but a few years [após o lançamento do original], the doll became very popular on social media, gaining survival beyond the movie. So the story of the sequel revolved more around him.”

About the delay for the release of the second film, bell declares: “If we had done the first movie with Jason Blum, we would have been developing the third movie by the time the second came out. [Blum] knows when he has something viewers are interested in. We didn’t have that security so we had to wait to see what would happen. [com a franquia].”

It is worth remembering that the sequence ‘Brahms: Evil Puppet II‘ was a FAILURE of critics and public, registering only 11% approval on Rotten Tomatoeswith miserable $20.3 million collected worldwide.

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Both films in the franchise are available on Amazon Prime Video.

in the original, Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead) plays Greta Evans, a young woman trying to restart her life in England, after being mistreated by her abusive ex-boyfriend. The beauty gets a job as a nanny / housekeeper in an old and gigantic mansion, very similar to a small castle. Its owners are the elderly couple Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire (Jim Norton and Diana Hardcastle). Seemingly normal and kind, the duo hides a dark secret.

The sequel starred Katie Holmes.

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