“€50 million”; With a millionaire fine, defender forgotten by Roger Machado signs contract with Palmeiras

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Player terminated his bond with Tricolor Gaucho

Roger Machado leads Grêmio (Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF)
Roger Machado leads Grêmio (Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF)

In recent seasons, the palm trees left the reputation of “buyer” that he made in the transfer marketalways hiring great reinforcements and in high quantity to focus their attention on revealing athletes in their basic categories, who year after year have conquered important titles.

Gabriel Menino, Patrick de Paula, Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Verón and among other players have been released to the first team in recent years. The base department has analyzed valuable pieces in other teams and contracted to finish the formation of these jewels.

In the same case, the Club agreed to the arrival of defender Ary Garcia, who recently terminated his contract with Grêmio and reached a new agreement with Palmeiras. His contract was regularized in the CBF’s BID (Daily Informative Bulletin) last Thursday (25th) and he is already able to make his debut.

With Grêmio, his contract had a release clause of 50 million euros and at first, it comes to complement Verdão’s under-20 squad, which disputes the state and national category. Ary accumulates passages for all the base selections in his career. Tricolor Gaúcho kept a percentage of the economic rights.

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