Filter of unread messages is one of the new features of WhatsApp

The Meta group will not stop anytime soon to improve its performance, as competition is increasing with Telegram. Taking advantage of the experience with other social networks of the company, between Facebook and Instagram, several tests are carried out until a tool is made official. This time it was no different, because the feature is already being developed.

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unanswered messages

It’s not cool to send multiple messages and get no response, but your contact may not have noticed. Regarding the conversations themselves, sometimes there are so many topics at the same time that it is difficult to follow. Therefore, many questions end up going unnoticed, even generating confusion, if the attempt to communicate was urgent.

unusual ad

O Whatsapp made an unusual announcement on Twitter, using the terms ”daddy” and ”sisters” in a sentence written in English. The expressions were used to show that even relatives can be ignored unintentionally, so the new solution seeks to prioritize family and important friends. The aim is to increase the visibility of important issues.

Searching unread texts

In order for users to stop accidentally ignoring groups and chats, a search tool was created. In this case, the message search engine will have a filter, in which messages that have not been read and answered will be highlighted, directing the person to the chat. This prevents you from missing an indispensable detail in work dialogues, family problems and appointments.

organization tools

This change does not yet have a set date to be made available, but a series of changes are being made considering the organization of the profile. Most can fix up to three conversations relevant, leaving them at the top so that they are always visible. As the use of the platform expanded, new needs emerged, prioritizing practicality.

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