Friday’s releases: Britney Spears’ triumphant return alongside Elton John, and news from Anitta and Selena Gomez are highlights; check out!

The big hug is released, because it’s really hard to contain the emotion with so much amazing music on this week’s “Friday Releases”. Starting with the triumphant return of none other than Britney Spears. The pop princess was invited by Elton John for a wonderful duet in “Hold Me Closer”. The song gave a new look to a classic by the British singer. And the Latin music world couldn’t be happier with the long-awaited release of the deluxe version of Anitta’s “Versions Of Me” album, and the start of the new Karol G era. The list also features wonderful news from Bad Bunny, Sandy , Lexa, Marina Senna and more. Come check it out!

Britney Spears and Elton John

No, you did not read it wrong. That moment has finally arrived! After a lot of buzz and anticipation, the collaboration of the artists was announced. “Hold Me Closer” is a much more pop version of Elton John’s 1971 song “Tiny Dancer”. years old. The last work of the star before the single was the album “Glory”, from 2016. In the recording, it is even possible to hear the more worked vocals that she spoke a lot on social media that she wanted to show her fans. Press play and you will see that this is the ideal soundtrack to enjoy some good drinks with friends.


After releasing the music videos for “Gata”, “El Que Espera”, a partnership with Maluma, and “Lobby”, the long-awaited feat. with Missy Elliott, Anitta made “Versions Of Me Deluxe” available on all digital platforms. The album had the addition of five tracks, closing 20 in total. The news are “Yo no Se”, which has the vocals of L7nnon and Maffio, and “Practice”, a collaboration with Asap Ferg and Harv. The tracklist of the work also includes a remix of the hit “Dançarina”, with Pedro Sampaio, Dadju, Nicki Jam and MC Pedrinho. If there was something that Girl From Rio did, it was to deliver an anthem with this project, huh?

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Rema and Selena Gomez

We asked for it, yes! Nigerian singer Rema has recruited Selena Gomez for the remix of the track “Calm Down”. Some teasers of the partnership had already been released by the artists on social networks in recent weeks, but only now that it was released, including a beautiful clip. This is the first release by the owner of the hit “De Una Vez”, since her EP “Revelación”, which even earned the singer a Grammy nomination.


The sapequinha is in the area – and this time all worked on the law of attraction. Lexa released the EP “Magneticah”, which has four tracks. In addition to the funk for which she is already known, the singer also explored other musical genres in the new songs, such as trap. The highlight of the work is “Calvagada”, a partnership with Pabllo Vittar, which is a pop farofa just the way everyone likes it. The hit came with a video clip in the style of “cowboy guys, pawn guys”, with the artists dressed in fringe costumes and taking several close-ups on top of a mechanical bull. drooling!

Karol G

The cat woman is different…Karol G showed her feline side in the single “Gatúbela”. The song combines powerful lyrics with an engaging reggaeton beat, in addition to featuring the Puerto Rican artist Maldy, a member of the Plan B group. ”. In addition, for the promotion of the song, the singer left her iconic blue hair aside and debuted the new look with red highlights. The novelty came with a video clip that exudes sensuality.

bad bunny

What year is it today, guys? Puerto Rican hitmaker Bad Bunny took everyone on a journey through time straight to the ’90s with the music video for “Neverita”. The production is a tribute to the visual record of Elvis Crespo’s hit released in 1998, “Suavemente”. In the video for the anthem of the album “Un Verano Sin Ti”, Bunny used and abused the aesthetics of the VHS era, with a lot of green screen effect, lookinhos and even very nostalgic dances. And as HD image is something very 2022, the artist decided to release the clip in 480p to bring even more the mood of the visuals of that period. Did you think it stopped there? The star also zeroed in on the references by imitating the “Russian boy dancing at the club” meme. Only those who lived know, huh?


She does not stop! The “We Voz Eles 2” project is in full swing and Sandy has released the second EP of the series of three. Now, the artists who collaborated with the Brazilian pop star were the group OutroEu, on the track “Destruição”, and Vitor Kley, on the song “Tudo Teu”. As usual, the behind-the-scenes videos of the recordings were released first, and then the music video for the songs. The first part of the work was released in early August and featured the incredible feats of Wanessa Camargo, in “Leve”, and Agnes Nunes, in “De Cada Vez”.

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Marina Senna

It seems like it was yesterday, but it’s been a year since Brazil poured into Marina Senna’s smile. To celebrate the success of her debut album, the singer released the “Especial De Primeira”. The songs “Por Supuesto”, “Temporal”, “Pelejei” and “Voltei pra mim” gained a new look, produced by Iuri Rio Branco. The celebration also featured a visual record that followed all the aesthetics adopted for the album. “It was great to be able to delve into the album’s aesthetics and think about every detail for this Special. The songs took on new forms, exquisite arrangements and the recording day was very emotional. I cried and everything…”said the artist.

John Legend and Saweetie

the feat. that we didn’t know we needed, but now it’s impossible to take it off repeat! John Legend and Saweetie literally got everyone dancing in their “All She Wanna Do” music video. For the production, a selection process was opened for dancers without telling who the music was. Throughout the video they all rock the choreography without knowing that they were separated from the stars by a wall. In the end, the two artists were revealed to the women and the reactions were better than the others.

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Bebe Rexha and David Guetta

It took a while, but here it is! After just one snippet went viral on TikTok, Bebe Rexha and David Guetta released the full version of the song “I’m Good (Blue)”. “David Guetta and I remixed this song years ago and never released it. I have no idea how it got on TikTok, but I loved it.”, said the singer on social media. The song is a remix of the track “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”, by the band Eiffel 65. The first time it was played to the public was in 2017, when the DJ performed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The stars had previously collaborated on the song “Say My Name” along with J Balvin. When it’s meant to be, the hit comes anyway.


From Realengo to the world! L7NNON took an important step in his career by releasing the track “Kim N Kayne”. The song features the musician’s first international collaboration, rapper Tion Wayne. The artists’ meeting took place during a concert by L7NNON in London and from there came the idea for the single. “This track is very special to me because it’s my first international partnership and on top of that with Tion Wayne, one of the biggest rappers in the world and who is a maximum reference for me. We bumped into each other there in London and the exchange of ideas flowed so well that we decided to record together and ‘KIM N Kanye’ came out, a drill that shows us that despite the distance, our experiences are very similar”he said.

panic! At The Disco

The party never ends, at least not for Brendon Urie, lead singer of Panic! At The Disco. The singer appeared enjoying a lot of social set in the 70s in the video for “Sugar Soaker”. In the very fun production, the musician drank them all while imagining the process of creating and recording the single. The visual record also had the special participation of several artists, such as Pete Wentz, bassist for Fall Out Boy, and singer Betty Who.

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With almost three decades of career, Muse released his ninth studio album, “Will of the People”. Over the course of 10 tracks, the band went back to their roots and explored the band’s signature rock. In addition to the title track and “Kill Or Be Killed”, the song “You Make Me Fell Like It’s Halloween” also gained a music video after its release. It is also worth mentioning the songs “Won’t Stand Down”, “Euphoria”, and “Compliance” on the album. The work also came with an innovation: in addition to being made available on digital platforms and in the physical version, the disc will also be in NFT format.

DJ Khaled

Pen is with him. DJ Khaled has released his thirteenth studio album, “God Did”. This time, the producer took the foot he had placed in the pop world and plunged headlong into its origins, hip hop. The record features several collaborations with heavyweights such as Drake and Lil Baby on the lead single, “Staying Alive, as well as Lil Durk, 21 Savage, Roddy Ricch and none other than Jay Z. [Este post será atualizado assim que o álbum for divulgado nas plataformas digitais]

Noah Cyrus

After the success of the latest single “Ready To Go”, Noah Cyrus released the song “Every Beginning Ends”. The track is a duet with Ben Gibbard, from the band Death Cab for Cutie, and will be on the artist’s debut album, “The Hardest Part”, which will be released on September 16th. Fans can also get a taste of what’s to come with the other songs that have already been released and will be part of the disc, such as “I Burned LA Down” and “Mr. Percocet”.

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In July, CNCO announced on the Premios Juventud stage that the group had disbanded. Despite this, the members decided to present the fans with one last work, the album “XOXO”. The 11 tracks go through provocative and melodic rhythms while showing the best side of the band. “La Equivocada”, “Plutón” and “No Apagues la Luz” brought a more melancholy pop, while “Miami” came with the sensual energy that musicians love to explore. The official farewell has not yet happened, but the feeling is of longing when listening to the record.


The Argentine singer surprised fans by releasing the song “2 Son 3”. The track is Lali’s most pop, thus marking a new phase in her career. In the clip, the artist appeared set in an apocalyptic scenario by showing off her skills in dancing and also in acting.


PK, Portugal No Beat, DJ Matt D and Minor MC teamed up for a strong partnership in “Não Rouba Minha Vibe”. Márcio Victorby Psirico, recorded with Israel and Rodolfo “Recaída de Lei”, which is part of the “PSI Universal” project. Rachel Reis released “Pelo”, the second single from their debut album. the duo hitmaker called MC Mari for the single “Uma Vezinha”. MC Kekel summoned Bruno Martini, Max Unique and nanno for the single “Ex Trouxa”.

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The band Fresno released the acoustic version of “Casa Assombrada”. Mad Dogz and Tram do Tigger brought a lot of reference from the 2000s in the song “Mágica do Copo”. And suffering is guaranteed too! the duo João Gustavo and Murilo partnered with Diego and Victor Hugo in the song “Impedidos (Ao Vivo)”.

The singer Beautiful released re-recordings of songs by Tim Maia, in “Belo Future: Tim”. Mc Hariel and aka Fk released the braba on the track “M4ndr4k4”. Henrique & Diego released the album “Lado A Lado B”. O Backyardin turn, invited Karinah for re-recording “Council”. Ruxell, Thiaguinho MT and ajaxx collaborated with the intention of not leaving anyone standing on the track with “Reverse”.

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