Functions that make the iPhone better than Android; do you agree?

When compared to the system android, iOS operation stands out in certain factors. In this case, the most important factor is security, as the first option works on numerous devices, presenting less customization possibilities. Therefore, in the application store itself, everyone can add tools based on less rigorous criteria.

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Differentials of iOS compared to Android

More security settings

As mentioned, the iOS system has several security barriers and manages to prevent hackers from accessing its support. However, when it perceives risks of attacks or an increase in complaints, it acts quickly by creating new protection mechanisms. Privacy officers forward system update alerts to all users.

Unique and easy interface

Apple devices have this unique interface that doesn’t need to be adapted by various brands, making the features easy to use. Therefore, the look can be customized and the tools become more intuitive, ensuring that the settings are made without difficulty.

Good connection with other branded devices

iPad, smart watches and computers are part of the brand’s portfolio, presenting considerable advantages. Among the positive points are the ability to connect to the iPhonesharing data quickly and with great responsiveness.

Operating system durability and fast upgrade

From the material to the frequent adjustments, it all adds up to a highly resistant cell phone that usually updates about 5 years or more. As a result, there are robust models that have professional features, combining technology and durability.

More efficient apps

Many applications are developed with the operation of the iPhone, becoming more efficient in Apple copies. Instagram and Snapchat are among the social networks that work perfectly on iOS system.

does not have bloatware

Bloatware are applications automatically installed on an Android device, taking up RAM memory. iPhones do not have this additional, increasing the internal storage capacity.

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