How to know the limit of the Nubank card?

Over time, Nubank has been introducing several innovations to the market, one of the company’s main objectives is to simplify and revolutionize the country’s financial services. THE fintech started their work in 2013 with a credit card with no annual fee or hidden fees, they currently work with the provision of various products and services.

Among the main products of Nubank, your credit card stands out and some people have a hard time locating their credit limit. This can be easily viewed within the company’s own app.

Once the customer receives approval for a credit card at Nubank, their limit can fit into two scenarios. O pre-approved limitwhere there is already a credit limit on the card, both physical and virtual, and the “build limit” function.

With the function for building a limit, the customer already has access to a card, but must reserve an amount from his account as a limit. This is a way to create a history for the future to earn a pre-approved limit.

Where can I find my limit on Nubank?

Find out what limit is available in the Nubank card It’s easy, just open the app and scroll to the credit card section. On the main page, you can already check the open amount of your annual invoice and the available credit limit.

To know your monthly limit, just access the credit card session and then select the option “Adjust limit”. Amount that appears large on the screen is your monthly limit. This limit can be adjusted by performing the following steps:

  • Open the application;
  • In the credit card section, click on “Adjust limit”;
  • Drag the “droplet” to the left and decrease the value;
  • If you want to go back to the initial value or increase it a little, drag to the right.

The benefit of the function to adjust your limit is to keep your accounts organized. For example, if you have a limit of BRL 1,000 and, to organize your expenses, you prefer to change it to BRL 600, just access the application and do it.

How does the “build limit” function work?

With the function of build limit of Nubank, the customer is able to reserve a debit amount from his account to build a credit limit. In the app, the function appears as the option “Reserve as limit”.

In this way, the chosen amount leaves the Nubank account and returns as a limit. The amount that was withdrawn from the account is reserved in a tab called “Saved Money”, when the invoice payment date arrives, the customer must still pay the bill. That’s because, the money that is saved serves as a kind of “guarantee” in case you are unable to pay the invoice amount.

The purpose of the build limit function is for people who do not yet have a good credit history to be able to build it while Nubank. So, as you use and pay your credit card bills, the company can evaluate your profile and offer you a pre-approved limit.

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