“It’s a phenomenon of world football”, says Santos coach about Diniz

Diniz’s work has garnered praise from several football professionals (Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense)

Fernando Diniz’s work in front of Fluminense has garnered much praise from several professionals linked to football. In an interview with the podcast Hoje Sim, by journalist Cleber Machado, Lisca, Santos’ coach, was another one to praise the Fluminense coach.

For Lisca, what Fernando Diniz does is something unique, taking into account not only professionals from the country, but from all over the world.

– Fernando is a fan of his. It is a football phenomenon, not national, but worldwide. He’s Brazilian, he’s here, he grew up here. What Fernando does, nobody does in world football – started Lisca, who also mentioned the Argentine (and former Santos player) Jorge Sampaoli as one of his career references.

Lisca went further and highlighted what he likes to see in the schemes implemented by Fernando Diniz.

– What I most like to see in Fernando’s teams is the pleasure that one has in giving the ball to the other. Football is associative, but in Brazil, getting guys to give up their self for us is not easy. Fernando convinces easily. The short-match, full-parallel associative game as he puts it, which is bringing the whole team to the side and building through blocks, is different. He sees the game in phases. I love it,” he commented.

Finally, he also spoke of the work he had to face the tricolor team in charge of Santos for the Brazilian Championship.

– I had to play against him and it was a week of racking my brains. The way he reads the game is different. I trained Cano at Vasco and he didn’t do what he does today. Cano was a definer and today he props the ball, makes light cuts, participates in the game collectively. The way of playing is so different that Ganso is once again one of the best players in the country – ended Lisca, citing the 2-2 draw with Fluminense, in Vila Belmiro, on August 1, for the Brasileirão.

Recently, coach Oswaldo de Oliveira, Fernando Diniz’s replacement at Fluminense in 2019, was also one to praise the work of the tricolor coach.

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