Lívia Andrade exchanges SBT for Globo and will be a judge on Sunday with Huck

Lívia Andrade always surprises: the ex-SBT was hired by Globo to join the team of judges for Acredita Em Quem Quiser, a feature on Domingão with Huck. The authenticity of the artist – who was the star of the “boss”, Silvio Santos – was crucial for her choice. It was Luciano Huck who asked to have her in the cast: “Ali [no SBT], I had the opportunity to express myself as I really am. From the simplest subject to the most controversial, I always felt free to say what I thought and felt. I intend to be the same Lívia that I was with Silvio”. The artist’s debut is awaited by her more than 10 million followers on social networks. To those who count the days, she warns that it will be this Sunday (28). And there is also a clear message for those who once criticized her: “This just proves how wrong they were and how evil they were. They are insecure, unhappy and cowardly people who get upset when others are successful. I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

conscious diversity


The series Rensga Hits!, by Globoplay, took off. The track Desatola Bandida went viral and will take the TV success to the stage. Alejandro Claveaux, interpreter of the countryman Deivid Cafajeste, delivers the plans after the success of the soundtrack: “They’re talking about the possibility of concerts around the country”. In the series, the actor plays a singer who fears revealing a romance with another boy. For him, the LGBTQIA+ debate is essential: “we are one of the countries that kills the most homosexuals and we have a government that incites hatred against diversity. It is unacceptable that the sexuality of others is still being questioned”, says the actor, who has a boyfriend. “Discussing this topic was the main reason that led me to the project.”

From soap operas to activism


“The audience that followed me in the soap operas will see an unknown version of me.” This is how the honored actress describes the biography Lucélia Santos: Courage to Fight. In the work, the famous protagonist of Escrava Isaura explains how TV gave her a greater purpose: her political trajectory. Lucélia Santos narrates, for example, how she became a key player in the construction of agreements between Brazil and China. “President Fernando Henrique Cardoso took me with his official delegation and felt relief when then-President Jiang Zemin recognized me”, she tells THIS IS. “He broke strict Chinese protocol and started smiling, pointing at me ‘it’s her, Isaura’, he shouted, in Mandarin.” In the chapter where she details environmental activism she described moving memories alongside Chico Mendes. “He was one of the purest beings I had the pleasure of meeting. Reliving that period was painful. The greed, the lust for money and profit at all costs, continues,” she protests. Written by Eduardo Meirelles, the biography hits bookstores on August 29.

Latin angel

Rodrigo Varela

Cuban actor William Levy saw the search for his name explode on Google in recent days: the 41-year-old artist was named as an affair with Simaria Mendes. A heartthrob of Latin productions, Levy has already won the title of ‘the sexiest man in the world’ by People en Español and, in the past, would have had a romance with Jennifer Lopez. On TV, he can be seen in the rerun of the soap opera Care with the Angel, from 2008, on SBT. A curious fact: he lives in Madrid, Spain, where Simaria, coincidentally, also has a house…

Stole his Oscar

Doug Peters – PA Images

Troy Kotsur, the first deaf artist to win an Oscar, had a big scare last week. The winner of the Best Supporting Actor award for the film The Rhythm of the Heart traveled to his hometown of Arizona, USA, to receive an honor for his trajectory in Hollywood. He took the figurine to the ceremony. However, his car was stolen – with the prize inside. The star went into despair and turned to social media for help. The police were called and, luckily, recovered both the vehicle and the Oscar de Kotsur. Two young men were arrested, but the figurine was rescued with a happy ending.

The queen grew even more powerful


Actress Viola Davis is ready for battle: The King Woman, a film that hits theaters in September, tells the story of Agojie, a unit of warriors who protected an African kingdom in the 1800s. Inspired by real events, the production features Viola as Nanisca, the general responsible for training the recruits. To prepare for the action scenes, the actress trained hard: “There were three-hour martial arts sessions a day”. Over the course of nine months, she and the women in the cast practiced swordplay and learned to use spears and machetes. The 57-year-old actress’s body was transformed – and she liked it: she confessed that she started to feel more powerful with her muscles.

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